Love Your Coffee Effects On Belly

UnCategorized It’s early in the morning and you’ve just arrived at work. You’re tired, still sleepy, but ready to socialize a little with others. You head toward the .pany coffee pot, pour up a cup and sip it slowly with the other workers as you discuss your evening and the work ahead for the day. On top this, coffee has some great benefits. It may even help you lose weight according to some studies. Or, it could just deplete your body of needed hormones and actually cause you to gain weight. This second side of the coin is what many new research studies are finding about the good old standby, coffee. Coffee tends to deplete the body of many needed minerals and hormones. One such hormone is DHEA. When DHEA is taken out of the body it can be a very bad thing for those thirty-five and over trying to lose that belly fat. DHEA is a growth hormone found in the body, but as mentioned it decreases after about the age of thirty-five. At this point, the body starts to store more fat. The body prepares the fat and sends it right to belly for storage. Physicians are re.mending that at age thirty-five and forward, people should take a DHEA supplement of about twenty-five milligrams. Now add coffee into the equation with the fact it takes DHEA out and you have all the makings for a fat belly. Another problem with the coffee is caffeine. At this point you are likely thinking that caffeine is one of the main ingredients in diet pills. Unfortunately caffeine also stimulates the adrenal glands and causes them to produce cortisol. That is the bad word you hear on late night television and it goes right to belly. The result is what many experts call caffeine belly fat. There are alternatives though. Experts are suggesting green tea, sugar free drinks, and other drinks that will sometimes help with the loss of coffee. The mornings in front of the coffee machine will never be the same and you’ll likely still enjoy the smell of fresh coffee grounds, but in the end you will be better off. In fact, you may be the only one holding a drink still able to see your own toes without bending. If you are hooked on coffee, you may want to break away gradually to avoid severe headaches sometimes associated with caffeine withdrawal. As always, you must still watch your diet and exercise to help with many other factors that contribute to belly fat. You do want to lose that belly fat and not having coffee is a place to start. It’s an easy place to begin. Then watch your diet, exercise and you will see that belly fat disappear. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: