Lover Five Kings Day fit a single dog demonstration of monomer.-face gossip

"Lover" Five Kings Day fit a single dog demonstration demonomerisation Raiders Tencent entertainment news today, new year comedy movie "lover" released a single version of the poster and "dog" single off raiders "version of stills, first turn up singles. By Xiao Yang, Xiao Shenyang, Alan, Joe fir, often far composed of "lover five kings" first fit, fancy demonstration "Mensao dog", "smart dog" and other types of "single dog" right off the single position. At the same time, Song Xiaofei, Dong Xu two "lover coach" to check, "comedy dream team" full training for her sister captive male master. The movie "lover" by Song Xiaofei, directed by Dong Xu, Li Xiao, Yu Miao screenwriter, Xiao Yang, starring Yan Ni, Xiao Shenyang, Alan, Dai Lele, Shan, Joe Chang Yuan, starring Clara, the new Laguna media Limited by Share Ltd, Shanghai Confucian Italian disk access man Television Productions Ltd. produced comedy, lunar new year, is not cheap! "Five kings" to "single dog" singles day free welfare after the exposure of the material, Shaw central, Xiao Shenyang, Joe and Alan fir "four brothers" to chase the goddess of laughs. Today God assists often far end of the line, "my five cheap" assembled for the first time fit on a poster, and with the "single dog" with the box, collective change back to "singles". Ironically, the poster "five air show" shorts and "legs" in the picture extremely eye-catching, "his crotch faction" shame style so that users refer to hot eyes and fans of the comic!" The recovery of "Bachelor" set "five kings" still did not forget to "do things", not only in the photos to their posted a variety of "single dog" label, is giving off a single word an antidote against the disease. Lean horse bouquet "Mensao dog" Xiao Yang said: "the goddess is not to marry prince charming, but riding a high rich handsome BMW" hello "alone; Wang wit dog" Xiao Shenyang laments: "dog food to eat to taste, and to take the initiative to do a single". In addition, the embodiment of white "Petite dog" Joe fir, hand car "Adorable dog" Alan, "evildoer Hotel abstinence dog" often far all his own share her sister skills, personally demonstrate how from "single dog" promotion "lover", called "singles day" the God blessing lee. Still be filled with eggs, causing netizens brain hole again and again. "My coach" shot tune "comedy dream team" got what so-called "profound skills will have a mentor, holding up skilled skills behind sister" lover five cheap "nature also has master guide. "Comedy duo" Song Xiaofei, Dong Xu as the director, manager is a "single way dog lover" "". As a famous photographer and recording artist, who has participated in the "two port" embarrassed "put heart flower road" "Thailand" embarrassed "the great master" "Chinatown" Sherlock "pancake man" and many other works, accumulated a lot of experience "pink". The film is undoubtedly the secret of accumulated hand teaching years, eventually only five "single dog" training to become up to the base of the invincible master. In the film, Xiao Han (Xiao Yang ornaments) led the "five kings" in order to regain vitality and heartbeat, in the way of Ma Lilian (Yan Ni), Shen Hong (Dai Lele ornaments) and beauty model yoyo (Clara ornaments) between three people, frequent accidents quite funny. One field相关的主题文章: