Lovers were caught cheating for a high salary, and they were arrested when they were first class

For the sake of high salary, the couple conspired to cheat, and they were caught on the spot when they were first class construction engineer. About 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon, a test of construction division was carried out in a university in Nanjing District of Jiangning. When a couple cheated, they were caught on the spot. Wang and the exam Kim is a boyfriend and girlfriend, yesterday afternoon, Wang took advantage of the weekend to rest, to help her boyfriend busy, her task is to answer the QQ group in the classroom examination of kim. Kim’s girlfriend Wang said, after receiving the answer and then feedback to him, use my cell phone call to him, hit the device, he will hear the answer, hit one or two hours. In Wang in the classroom with heart report answers, radio equipment was locked cheating, Wang also exposed his. Wang said that the detector had detected the signal, and then saw it in the past, and then opened the bag to see this thing, they said that this is cheating. The police arrived in accordance with the phone number Wang, found kim. What drives Kim’s risk of losing his job, cheating with his girlfriend and breaking the law? Kim introduced, with the certificate can be the project manager, such as the unit to fight for what qualifications, this card can be used, wages can be high 4, 50 thousand bucks. In order to pay more, when the leadership, Kim as early as in 2014, through the small ads on the information, and the so-called insiders to get in touch, and to buy high priced answers to the exam. Kim introduced, about two years ago believe him, gave 3 thousand dollars a door, try a door, he said that the equipment someone outside, give us the answer. In the first two years of the examination, because of the shielding equipment in the examination room, Kim failed to cheat. This time you can hear the answer, so that Kim is very excited. He never dreamed that the exam cheating was halfway through signal lock, oneself is caught. Because the year before last year and last year, the examination room has shielding things, in fact, this thing is not so good, as long as the test room there is no shielding things, at present, the police are on the matter to do further investigation.

情侣为求高薪合谋作弊 考一级建造师时当场抓获 ​昨天下午5点左右,南京江宁区一所大学内正在进行建造师一级考试,一对男女作弊时,被当场抓获。 王某和考试的金某是男女朋友,昨天下午,王某趁着周末休息,来帮男 友忙,她的任务就是将QQ群中的答案报给在教室内考试的金某。金某女友王某表示,接收答案之后再反馈给他,用我的手机打给他,打到那个设备上,他就能听到答案了,打了一两个小时。就在王某在教室外专心报答案时,作弊设备的无线电信号却被人锁定了 ,王某也就暴露了自己。王某表示,探测仪,探测到信号了,然后过去看到了,然后把包打开看到这个东西,他们说这是作弊的东西。赶到的民警又根据王某手机中的电话号码,找到了金某。是什么驱使金某冒着丢饭碗的风险,带着女友一起作弊,一起违法呢? 金某介绍,有了证就可以当项目经理,单位里面比如要争资质什么东西,这个证就可以用到,工资能高4、5万块钱。为了多拿工资,当上领导,金某早在2014年,就通过小广告上的信息, 和所谓的内部人士取得联系,并以高价购买考试答案。金某介绍,大概在两年前相信了他,给了3千块钱一门,先试了一门,他说这设备有人在外面,给我们报答案。前两年的考试因为考场内有屏蔽设备,金某作弊未能得逞。这一次能够 顺利听到答案,让金某很是兴奋。可他做梦都没想到,考试到中途,作弊信号被人锁定,自己被逮正着。因为前年和去年考场里面都有屏蔽的东西,其实他这个东西也不怎么好,只要考场里面有屏蔽的东西就不行目前,警方正对此事做进一步调查处理。相关的主题文章: