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Ma Yun: Ali next year no mention of "electronic commerce"   five new directions will affect people’s –IT– world network original title: Ma Yun: Ali next year no mention of "electronic commerce" five new directions will affect the world in new Hangzhou in October 13, Alibaba (Zhao Xiaoyan) Group chairman of the board of directors Ma Yun 13 in attendance Hangzhou Yunxi conference put forward, the next 30 years is the human society upside down for 30 years, the change of the world will be far beyond the imagination, the phrase "electronic commerce" will soon be eliminated, and there will be five new development will profoundly affect the world. When I started in 1995, the world’s Internet users may be less than 50 thousand people, today participated in the cloud habitat conference audience has been close to 50 thousand people, the change of the past 21 years, shocked the world." An opening, Ma on the impact of technology on the world with two sets of highly influential data, attracted the audience. Ma Yun said that the next 30 years, technology will be applied to all aspects of society, all walks of life, but people do not have enough awareness. Many people talk about the impact of the Internet in all walks of life, e-commerce in the fight against the destruction of traditional business, in fact, e-commerce did not impact the traditional business." Ma Yun said, e-commerce is to grasp and make good use of the Internet technology and ideas, have a adapt to Internet data era business model; real impact of all walks of life and employment, the impact of traditional ideas, the impact of traditional industries is the idea of people yesterday, is the ignorance of the future, the future is not embrace. "I would like to remind you that a lot of people are not aware of the impact of this technological revolution on human beings. A lot of things that are considered normal, a lot of things done yesterday, very good, many are considered to be the best job opportunities, will be subverted and changed. People will lose a lot of jobs, but at the same time, many new jobs will be created." Ma, for example, the term "electronic commerce" may soon be eliminated, Alibaba will no longer mention of the term "electronic commerce" from next year, because it is only a "ferry boat", five new development will deeply influence the world and all the people in the future, Chinese. These five new, referring to the new retail, new manufacturing, new finance, new technologies and new energy, Ma said it would have a huge impact on all walks of life, become the key to the success or failure of the future. Government investment in the future, we must pay attention to the new "five links and one leveling", a flat refers to provide a fair business environment and competitive environment. "I don’t want to turn it into alarmist warnings, but as to change their own opportunities, from now on." Ma Yun said. Ma Yun also said that the next 30 years of this technological revolution, everyone has the opportunity, the opportunity for small businesses will be more and more countries. "You may have money to start a business, you may want resources, you may want a variety of relationships. In the future, as long as the use of technology, data and innovation, everyone will have a chance." Ma Yun believes that the future of the world’s competition is the competition of innovation, competition for young people, he called on governments for the next 30 years相关的主题文章: