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The man accidentally fell into the water temperature up to more than 90 DEG C cleaning tank body burns 98% Quanzhou network (micro-blog) November 5th news (reporter Wu Zhiming) "my father to work when the body burns 98% hospitalized in critical condition. We can borrow are borrowed, the latter also need 100 million yuan for medical expenses. These days all need surgery, but the cost and blood are not available, please help caring people." Yesterday morning, from Sichuan Dazhou Mr. Yang to call Quanzhou evening news agency 24 hours hotline 96339 for help. According to reports, Mr. Yang’s father called Yang Xianmin, had previously worked at fellow Mr. Feng run electroplating factory. About 7:10 in the morning of October 31st, the work of Yang Xianmin accidentally slip into one of the cleaning tank, although immediately rescued, but because the tank water temperature up to more than 90 DEG C, he was severely burned. Subsequently, Yang Xianmin was removed to the 180 hospital burn and plastic surgery treatment. Mr. Yang to provide a "certificate of diagnosis", "father burns 98%, critical condition". Mr Yang Xianmin said that after hospitalization, he and Mr. Yang went to chip in, he has already paid ten yuan, it cannot afford to pay, "I am suffering from diabetes, my wife is also suffering from the disease, the electroplating factory itself hundreds of thousands of dollars to bank loans not repaid." Mr. Yang said, his father a child, his work in his hometown of mobile phone stores, wages are not high, also married a few million debt. My father was out of work is to help pay off the debt, reduce the burden on the family, but did not expect to happen. "There is a 76 year old grandmother, father usually very filial piety, afraid grandma can not stand, we just tell her my father hurt, not what." Mr. Yang said that in recent days the father will undergo surgery, surgery costs and blood are not available, "we are now able to borrow money borrowed, the doctor said to estimate the latter also needs about 1000000 yuan of medical expenses, please help us social caring people." He said, his blood type is B, please specify who love blood donation for the 180 Hospital Department of burns and Plastic Surgery ICU bed 301. At noon yesterday, the Quanzhou evening news agency released a new media Yang help information, just a few hours inside the injection volume reached more than 2000. Users have a message for Mr. Yang and his son come on, encourage them to. There are a lot of friends asking for donations and blood donation. By 6:30 yesterday afternoon, Mr. Yang told reporters that seven or eight people have to transfer. Although the number is not much, but let them feel the warmth brought to the city, also makes them more confident. (Quanzhou net (micro-blog)) >

男子不慎摔进水温高达90多℃清洗槽 全身烫伤98%泉州网(微博)11月5日讯 (记者吴志明)“我父亲上班时全身烫伤98%住院,病情危重。能够借的钱我们都借了,后期还需要100多万元医药费。这几天都需要手术输血,可是费用和血都还没有着落,求求爱心人士伸出援手。”昨日上午,来自四川达州的杨先生致电泉州晚报社24小时热线96339求助。据介绍,杨先生的父亲叫杨献敏,此前在老乡冯先生经营的电镀厂工作。10月31日上午7点10分左右,干完活的杨献敏不慎滑入其中一个清洗槽,尽管马上被救出来,但因槽里水温高达90多℃,他还是被严重烫伤。随后,杨献敏被辗转送到180医院烧伤整形科救治。杨先生提供的《诊断证明书》显示,父亲“烫伤98%,病情危重”。冯先生表示,杨献敏住院后,他就和杨先生一起到处凑钱,他已经支付了十几万元,实在无力再支付了,“我本人患有糖尿病,我爱人也身患疾病,经营这个电镀厂本身就向银行贷款数十万元未还清。”杨先生说,父亲就他一个孩子,自己在家乡手机卖场里上班,工资不高,结婚时还负债数万元。本来父亲出来打工是希望早日还清负债,减轻家庭负担,没想到却遭此不幸。“家里还有一个76岁的奶奶,父亲平时很孝顺,怕奶奶受不了,我们只是告诉她我父亲摔伤了,没什么大事。”杨先生表示,最近几天父亲还要进行手术,手术费用和血都还没有着落,“如今能够借的钱我们都借了,医生说估计后期还需要100多万元医药费,求求社会爱心人士帮帮我们。”他说,父亲是B型血,爱心人士献血时请指定献给180医院烧伤整形科重症监护室301床。昨日中午,泉州晚报社新媒体发布了杨先生的求助信息,短短几个小时内关注量就达到2000多条。网友纷纷留言为杨先生父子加油,鼓励他们。还有不少网友询问捐款方式及献血事宜。到昨天下午6点半左右,杨先生告诉记者,已有七八人给汇款了。虽然数量还不是很多,但让他们感到了这座城市带来的温暖,也使他们更有信心了。(泉州网(微博))>相关的主题文章: