Manchuria to carry out the activities of civilized tourism out of the country – tourism channel

Manchuria hosted the civilized tourism activities — go abroad travel channel adorable treasure of Manchuria Tourism Bureau, former volunteer organization of the city’s international travel agency, to carry out as Chinese? Manchuria of his "civilized tourism activities abroad. This activity is "China points? As an important content of Manchuria to" civilized tourism activities, tourism promotion activities of civilization in Manchuria city tourism season outbound tourism market to carry out hot, to guide the tourists to strengthen the consciousness of civilized travel, outbound tourism civilization positive energy transfer. The activities in the outbound tourism team as the focus, in the travel briefing, every leader seriously to the visitors tourism civilization, civilization, civilization and accommodation and entertainment culture specific content, explain Russian local customs and taboos, to remind visitors of civilized travel. At the same time issued to tourists "China citizens domestic tourism Convention", "civilized behavior China outbound travel guide", "civilized behavior" for Chinese? Manchuria of his "civilized travel", "travel tips for China? Civilized travel with me", "China citizen civilized travel travel tips" and other promotional brochure. Travel itinerary, highway crossings in the immigration hall, restaurant, tourist attractions and other public places for tourists loudly, smoking, and forced Russian residents to take pictures, littering and other uncivilized behavior of persuasion, to guide tourists to comply with the order, protect the environment and civilized travel, civilized tourists, as Chinese points. As of the end of 8, Manchuria city travel agency outbound tourism team 1223, the number of outbound tourists, 26107 passengers, an increase of 25.59% over the same period last year. With the development of border tourism, Manchuria city will continue to take effective measures to guide and strengthen the outbound tourism civilization consciousness, improve the quality of civilization, with a good image out of the country, as China points for Manchuria glory. Click here to watch the video of the best tourist information > Chinese; > civilized tourism activities civilized tourism activities of small volunteer photo civilized tourism activities participants (photo (Intern), commissioning editor: Zhao Yuanyuan Liu Jia)相关的主题文章: