Many famous people are wet in the exhibition! Little rabbit illustration exhibition held in Akihabar-demonophobia

Many famous people are wet in the exhibition! "Little rabbit" illustration exhibition held by the Japanese cartoonist Koi painting cartoon "would you like some rabbits in Akihabara today? The animated animation captured the heart of a lot of otaku. Today (October 25th), would you like to come to a rabbit today? "The illustration exhibition held in Tokyo in Akihabara, the beauty of the scene graph is unforgettable. This illustration is called "do you want to come to a picture show today?" UDX, held in Tokyo in Akihabara Tokyo Animation Center from October 25th to November 6th. At the art exhibition, there will be a large number of illustrations of the role of "point rabbit" drawn by many illustrators. The number is very large. There is no way to display them at one time. They will be changed according to the replacement of large displays. The exhibition of illustrator reality is also very luxurious, including the recently announced by Beijing Arni animated "Kobayashi home sister shaking the dragon", as the author of cool letter "HH" online game ", the magical wife is not a girl? "" the illustrations of the Hisasi old dampness, "Monday’s fullness" of the author than the village odd wet old stone and so on. Many famous cartoonist and illustrator drawing "little rabbit" illustrations together, let us look at the teacher’s work! It is reported, "would you like to come to a rabbit today?" "" the illustration exhibition during the exhibition will change 4 different kinds of display content, have the opportunity to go to Tokyo’s friends don’t miss it! Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works

众多名家老湿参展!《点兔》插画展在秋叶原举办由日本漫画家Koi作画的漫画《请问您今天要来点兔子吗?》改编的动画,以超可爱的萌系画风俘获了不少宅男的心。今天(10月25日)《请问您今天要来点兔子吗?》的插画展在东京秋叶原举办,现场的美图让人流连忘返。此次插画展名为“请问您今天要来点插画展吗?”,于10月25日至11月6日在东京秋叶原UDX内的东京动画中心举行。画展上将展出众多插画名家们绘制的《点兔》的角色插图,数量十分庞大,甚至没有办法一次性完全展出,会根据大型展示物的更换而改变。 此次参展的插画家真人也十分豪华,包括刚宣布由京阿尼动画化的《小林家的妹抖龙》作者酷教信者、为《魔装学园H×H》《线上游戏的老婆不可能是女生?》绘制插画的Hisasi老湿、《星期一的丰满》的作者比村奇石老湿等等。众多响当当的漫画家、插画家绘制的《点兔》插图云集,下面就让我们来看看老师们的作品吧! 据悉,《请问您今天要来点兔子吗?》插画展在展出期间将更换4种不同的展示内容,有机会去东京的朋友不要错过哦! 点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品相关的主题文章: