Milan Brazil hutch Yaodao Honda denied to super – Sohu offer improper

Milan Brazil hutch Yaodao Honda denied to offer: Super – Sohu Honda sports season with a   chance; the new season, AC Milan gratifying results, swept away last season zhanba 12 serie a decline, scoring 25 points in the third row of the table. More good news is that AC Milan change soon, EU sports will take over in January next year, during the winter window, the Rossoneri will have a huge transfer budget. The day before, Fabregas, Depe and Damian all star on the AC Milan luxury purchase list. Italy media pointed out that "the market", in addition to the acquisition of famous players, AC Milan will strengthen the reserve force, then eyeing Brazil Yaodao Roger godes, which is the international Milan and Barcelona about the players, is expected to more than 15 million euros transfer fee. "It is true that the past few months, a number of top European ball on godes were investigated, he is a genius of hundred-percent. The Milan giants are paying close attention to godes, two teams are keen to sign him, but there is no exact quotation." Godes’s agent Cesar Potter said in an interview, "godes would now focus on helping Palmeiras for Serie B champions, but he knows Milan clubs are following him. He is no more inclined to which team, because the planes in Milan are big clubs, regardless of which team is an honor for him." It is reported that Barcelona has the right of preemption godes, but was denied and Potter. "The Barcelona to come to Brazil to bring in Jesus, but apparently they are also aware of the strength of godes. However, we have not signed any agreement, there is no right of priority." Potter disclosed that godes transfer fee of more than 15 million euros, "ownership has 100% Palmeiras godes, the only terms, if godes transfer, need to pay 50% of the transfer fee commission to Criciuma, although they did not set a specific price, but I believe that only offer to reach 15 million euros, they will open Gerdes negotiations." According to reports, the 20 year old godes, Brazil winger, joined Palmeiras this summer. About the future of Honda Keisuke, said the Japanese international interview, he would have left behind AC Milan to play soccer basically hopeless, and said China consortium took over AC Milan, means that the Rossoneri to usher in a new era, "can I leave AC Milan, but now the price is not suitable, so I will not leave the club, I in the future there is no problem. AC Milan changed? I think this is the end of an era, I understand the club needs to make a change." The 30 year old Honda Keisuke in 2014 from the Moscow Central army moved to AC Milan, this season, only under the appearance of the players in the team for the first time, and most of the time sitting on the bench in the cold of the United States, the United States and the United States in the summer of January. Of course, if Honda Keisuke does not leave the window next January winter AC Milan, then the next summer must leave, the two sides have no intention to renew the contract expires next summer. (nineteen)相关的主题文章: