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Roast duck black workshop in the hiding area, the abuse of additives, the environment is messy. A roast duck black workshop is hiding in a residential area in Songjiang. The roast duck’s environment is "dirty and messy", and it has been found to abuse many kinds of additives. Most of this batch of roast duck is intended to be sold to the deli and restaurants in the University City, Tianlin Road and other places. In the morning of September 23rd, the Songjiang District Fang Song grid center received reports from the masses. The joint market supervision, public security and urban management departments banned a food processing black workshop located in Zhujiang New Town. Enforcement recorder captured video display, a dozen square meters of facade room, floor corner oil, stocked with a variety of additives, dozens of steel shelves stocked with dozens of ducks in the pool, filled with piles of raw duck and wash out Guangdong style barbecued pork, cooking utensils, stacked directly on the toilet next to the scene environment is very dirty. All see that Songjiang District city grid Integrated Management Center Party Branch Center loose law enforcement team impressed Jiang Yingjie, "we go in when many ducks, are very strange in some color bucket like, we found a lot of prohibiting the use of additives in food, Roasted Duck". It is understood that the roast duck black workshop is closed at the usual gate, and in the process of opening the door, the volunteer was found by the community volunteers, which was reported to the center of the grid. The operation confiscated all production equipment, collected 5 cases of additives, more than a hundred raw duck roast ducks, and dozens of frozen pork, chicken and its products. Jiang Yingjie said, "a black workshop receives orders, completes things, and distributes them to some points outside, which will help distribute it, there are some Deli stores, or some restaurants". According to the mark left by the staff of the black Workshop on the wall, most of the roast duck collected will be sold to the University City, Tianlin Road and other places. At present, the relevant law enforcement officers are conducting statistics and traceability based on the collected flow sheets and so on. If the production reaches the relevant standards, they will be further transferred to the public security organs. "" "cicada national writing contest billion yuan investment for the change of knowledge open with you" "" recommended today: the flight arrive in the elevated public maintenance fee doubled in Shanghai city poor head to help find a legitimate store fat aunt Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings "positive" a 3 yuan food caused tragedy cat food stores boss Street battered 44 driver killed hit the elevated column caused 2 dead and more injured trial was sentenced to 4 years Roasted Duck black workshop hiding within the District of abusing additives environment filthy network ordering shady: Black workshop of college students from a smelly food monopoly (the video for hair extension) moving finger, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep a two-dimensional code below, pay attention to the Tencent. Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)

烤鸭黑作坊藏身小区内 滥用添加剂环境脏乱差 一家烤鸭黑作坊藏身松江某小区,制作烤鸭的环境“脏乱差”,还被查出滥用多种添加剂。这批收缴的大部分烤鸭,本欲销往大学城、田林路等地的熟食店和餐厅。9月23日上午,松江区方松网格中心接群众举报,联合市场监督管理所、公安、城管等部门,取缔了位于珠江新城小区内的一家食品加工黑作坊。执法记录仪拍摄的视频显示,十几平米的门面房内,满地油污,角落里摆放着各种添加剂,数十个铁架上摆放着几十只鸭子,水池里浸满成堆的生鸭和叉烧肉,洗具、炊具直接堆放在卫生间旁,现场环境十分脏乱。亲眼所见的一切让松江区城市网格化综合管理中心方松分中心执法队员蒋英杰印象深刻,“我们进去查的时候发现很多鸭子,都泡在一些颜色很奇怪的桶里之类的,发现了很多我们禁止使用在食品、烤鸭上的添加剂”。据了解,该烤鸭黑作坊平时大门紧闭,在一次开门送货过程中,被小区志愿者发现,上报方松网格中心。此次行动没收了所有生产设备,收缴添加剂5箱,生鸭烤鸭百余只,另有各种冷冻猪肉、鸡肉及其制品数十斤。蒋英杰透露,“黑作坊接到订单,把东西做好以后再分销到外面的一些点,会帮它分销,有一些熟食店,或者是一些餐厅”。根据黑作坊工作人员在墙上留下的记号,这批收缴的大部分烤鸭,将销往大学城、田林路等地。目前,相关执法人员正根据现场查获的流水单等进行统计和流向追溯,如产量到达相关标准,将进一步移交公安机关处理。》》》知了全民创作大赛 亿元投资寻找改变知识打开方式的你 》》》今日推荐:航班集中到达又遇高架维修 市民差头费翻倍上海城管帮忙找合法店面 胖阿姨锅贴“转正”一把3元猫粮引发悲剧 猫粮店老板当街被殴身亡44路驾驶员撞高架立柱致2死多伤 一审被判4年烤鸭黑作坊藏身小区内 滥用添加剂环境脏乱差 网络订餐黑幕:黑作坊专卖高校学生 网评食物发臭有头发 (该视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: