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Small Business The heat exchanger as part of the transmission of heat efficiently from one medium to another. The media can be separated. With a solid wall so that they can never battery types or directly to you. They are used widely in hot areas. HEATING air conditioning chemical Petrochemical plants, refineries generated energy natural gas processing and treatment of waste. How it works Uses the difference in temperature of heat exchanger in fact occurs when heat transfer. Current is a flow of cold and warm the heat exchanger. Two streams are separated by a thin, solid walls. Very thin walls and wired to warm mutual visits. The walls is still strong enough to withstand the pressure of the fluid. Copper, seems to be a .mon choice for the construction industry Organization flow They have their own flow heat exchangers which of the two villages. Parallel flow heat exchangers for the same purpose for which the two enter the exchanger membrane and travel parallel to the other side of the heat exchangers in military aircraft in maximum performance under the project current meters of the heat exchanger. Some ways you can improve the performance of heat exchanger: Heat transfer area Fluid flow The temperature of the There are a variety of designs and models of heat exchangers. And if we go deeper, we see that there are several models with dynamic scraped surface of shell and tube, cooktop, stove, adiabatic expansion expansion card wheel cushion fine liquid waste heat recovery units, phase change heat exchangers, liquid or solid, intermediary and the ability to recover. Each of them has been used for some devices and can be found in nearly all providers of the heat exchanger. Also, there are so many types of heat exchanger of heat and work with all differ from each other, and used in a variety of devices Inspection and maintenance Integrity can be tested by check conductivity or helium gas methods the plate and tubular heat exchanger on the ground. These methods to check the integrity of plates or sleeves to prevent contamination and the condition for jam. Mechanical integrity control of heat exchanger tubes can occur non-destructive methods such as such as Eddy current testing Voling occurs as a .ponent, when the surface heat Exchange store of impurities. Deposition of these defects can be due to the low wall shear stress:-, low-speed, high speed, high temperature precipitation reaction product liquid wall impurities dissolved asibtilini. Deposition of particulate pollution heat exchanger is less than the repression and the drag of renewable energy. Plate heat exchangers can and must be cleaned regularly. Blasting, acid cleaning methods such as water and sand jet cleaning high-pressure bullet, or tubular heat exchangers are clear sounding bars. Cooling for heat exchangers, water and waste water, chemicals and test equipment such as cutting systems, cleaning heat exchange is used to reduce pollution as well. Other residual waste water heat exchange and squalor and other devices to reduce corrosion in power plants, etc., used for steam systems. The water protection began a series of .panies with variations of the technology. This kind of technology will help without the use of chemicals, heat exchangers at low pressure drop. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: