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Mothers of non identical twins, this moment to accompany you to witness the happiness and health – Sohu maternal every life we have so special day, November 1, 2016 this day of this family is special, because of the angels in the Jilin state health maternity hospital came, the beautiful mother in health a pair of twins, from the family of two into a family of four, 1+1=4 happiness is really envy others. The morning we came to the new room, although after the baby body a bit tired, but filled in the face of happiness and sweetness all seem so tired not worth mentioning. A family is guarding the baby’s side, a sister, a younger brother, a father, a mother, I feel like this arrangement is like a precious gift, let this happy family happiness upgrade. When we came to the room, the baby sister in the car crying in the charming voice, but the side of the younger brother is very calm, which is the difference between boys and girls, grow up must be able to protect his sister’s little man. The family looked at the two babies have been laughing together. Let me stick to birth, health is more assured while two babies, but the unexpected is our mother is the birth of the. When I asked my mother why choose a birth, mother told me: "I was born from pregnancy to have been in the country health check, and I have been in good health club to accept mother Ramaze breathing training, which has provided a lot of help for my birth, and in the last examination baby before the state health doctor said that my body had no problem. But when I know the good time of birth the baby, I was determined to do that, but in the country I have assured healthy birth, to tell the truth I conceive is twins, if I have a choice of other hospital I really have a lot to worry about, because the country has been in the health examination. The doctor of medicine, medical equipment, production environment is so good that I have no reason not to choose our health." When I heard these words, my heart is very touched, no matter how scared, but in front of the child she is a strong mother. At the same time, it is also a mother’s affirmation of the country. Pay attention to women’s health, you can also join the women’s health group, speak freely, exchange ideas, let you become a senior treasure mother healthy woman. Q group: 424940962. Insist on breastfeeding, health give me more support when I asked: have two babies have been very hard, but after two children will be more hard, it will insist on breastfeeding mothers? "The answer is firm:"! "Mother said:" before the good mummy club lectures when the teacher told us many benefits of breastfeeding, the deepest impression is that the teacher used to say: milk cow milk is the taste, the taste of love, so I decided to insist on breastfeeding, so let me and the children have more contact, promote our the feelings of. The mother also said that his start is not milk, may have been in the hospital to adhere to drink soup with milk, the effect is obvious, has more than before.相关的主题文章: