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National football coach selection program start – Shanxi Channel – newspaper in Beijing in October 13,     (reporter Chen Chenxi) China full-time Football Association executive committee, national football team leader Yu Hongchen 13, said in a conference China ventilation Football Association, Chinese football Xuanshuai program has been launched, coach candidates is expected to about 20 days from coaching the first cycle will be aimed at the 2018 Russia World Cup Asian qualifiers 12 finals. Gao Hongbo’s resignation request has been approved by the Chinese football association. Zhang Jian, vice president of the Chinese Football Association, spoke highly of Gao Hongbo’s success in scoring the top 12 games, and praised Gao Hongbo’s responsibility and responsibility. For the national football coach candidates, Zhang Jian said: "the job will learn from the experience and lessons of the past, will be looking for in the range of outstanding coaches, familiar with China football, Asian Football within, as is China coach or foreign coach is not the key. As long as an excellent coach, there is the possibility of becoming the new head coach." A month later, China team against the Qatar team in Kunming in November 1st, the Orangemen will regroup, leaving China football Xuanshuai time is very tight, Yu Hongchen said, will speed up the relevant procedures, the new national football coach as soon as possible. People’s daily (October 14, 2016, 19 Edition) 国足新帅遴选程序启动–山西频道–人民网   本报北京10月13日电  (记者陈晨曦)中国足协专职执委、国足领队于洪臣13日在中国足协的通气会上表示,中国男足的选帅程序已经启动,新帅人选将有望于20日左右出炉,执教周期将首要瞄准2018年俄罗斯世界杯亚洲区预选赛12强赛。  高洪波的辞职请求已经获得中国足协同意。中国足协副主席张剑对高洪波带国足打进12强赛表示高度肯定,并对高洪波的责任与担当给予赞许。对于国足新帅的人选,张剑说:“选帅工作会吸取以往的经验与教训,会在熟悉中国足球、亚洲足球的优秀教练的范围内寻找,至于是中国教练还是外籍教练不是关键。只要是优秀教练,都有成为新任主教练的可能。”  一个月后,中国队将在昆明迎战卡塔尔队,11月1日国足将重新集结,留给中国足协的选帅时间非常紧迫,于洪臣表示,会加快相关程序,尽快产生新的国足主帅。   《 人民日报 》( 2016年10月14日 19 版)相关的主题文章: