New Beginnings The Gift Of Starting

Self-Improvement I recently had the pleasure of seeing the movie, "50 First Dates" starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. (Note: this article contains spoilers for the movie. If you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want me ruining the surprise, you might want to put this article aside until after you’ve seen it.) The main character, "Lucy" (Barrymore) has virtually no short-term memory due to a car accident. She remembers everything up until the point of the accident, but retains no new memories of anything that has happened since. When she goes to sleep at night, she forgets everything that happened that day, and awakens thinking it’s the day before the accident happened. I’m sure you can imagine the challenges of such a condition! Anyone she meets, she forgets. Holding a job is nearly impossible since she can’t remember the previous day’s events. Relationships present another challenge. When Henry (Sandler) meets Lucy, there is instant attraction between them, but each day she forgets she met him the day before. It seems impossible to have a long-term relationship with Lucy, since she can’t even remember him! Finally, Henry gets the bright idea to make a video that she can watch each morning, detailing her life since the accident and her budding romance with him. Lucy also begins to keep a written journal, so she can skim through the previous entries and read about her life from her own perspective. Though the situation is difficult to say the least, this movie contains a beautiful metaphor for new beginnings. How much baggage do we bring to each new day in our own lives? How many grudges do we hold? How many disappointments do we cling to, and let them color today? Though we can’t fully forget like Lucy, we can certainly make a decision to wipe the slate clean each morning and start over again! It is often our own refusal to let go and move on that causes the most pain. Each day can be a new beginning if we choose to make it so. Each night before bed we can choose what we want to keep and what we want to release. We can be.e someone new, purely by the power of our thoughts and intentions. The toughest part is deciding exactly who we want to be.e, and having the courage to see it through! I am currently doing this in my own life. I’m pulling out the old, dust-caked parts of myself that I deemed unacceptable years ago, and giving them another look. And I’m discovering they aren’t so bad. 😉 What about you? Are you ready for a new beginning? Are you afraid of starting over? There really isn’t anything to fear but fear itself. Once you actually begin the process, it wildly exciting! Maybe you’re happy with yourself already. If so, that’s wonderful! No need to fix it if it ain’t broken. But if you’re living in a vacuum of dissatisfaction and boredom, it might be time to write the next chapter of your life. Or even a whole new book. You are the author. What do you want the storyline of your life to say? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: