Note the confinement of a woman! Most raiders! Sohu – vy canis majoris

Note the confinement of a woman! Most raiders! The Sohu is not just the 30 day: mother month traditionally will postpartum month called "confinement", but in fact, after a month of adjustment, many organs of the body have not been fully restored. For example, uterine retraction need 6 weeks to recover to near non pregnant uterus size, placenta endometrial regeneration also need all 6 weeks of recovery; postpartum abdominal wall tension also needs 6 to 8 weeks of time. During this period such as maternal heavy work, it is easy to suffer from diseases such as uterine prolapse. Think, maternal hygiene traditionally: puerperium can not bathe, can not wash your hair, so afraid to leave the root cause of the wind cold. In fact, this understanding is unreasonable. 1, "confinement" maternal perineal secretions more, every day with warm boiling water clean the vulva. Change the perineum pad and keep the perineum clean and dry. In about 4 of postpartum lochia weeks to 6 weeks. 2, can bathe, wash your hair, but who must bear sponge bath can not wash bath, lest the dirty water bath used poured into the genital tract and cause infection. After 6 weeks, you can take a shower. 3, indoor ventilation, indoor temperature can not be too high, but also high and low. In the past there are often closed doors and windows, no matter when pregnant women have to be covered by thick, it is very dangerous, especially in the summer, it is easy to cause maternal heatstroke. But we should note the following: during confinement to avoid body blows directly to the wind fan. Do not open the air outlet to the maternal, and set the room temperature at 25 ~ 28 degrees Celsius is the most appropriate. During confinement due to excessive perspiration clothes and wet, must immediately change dry clothes; winter bed for the robe, midnight feeding to immediately put on, not only by the cold. During 4, maternal confinement, eating more, eat more, if not pay attention to brush our teeth, easy to make oral bacteria breeding, oral diseases. In the past, many women blindly believed in the "old rules", confinement can not brush your teeth, the results "sit" a "confinement" destroyed. Maternal teeth should be brushed daily one or two times, can use soft toothbrush to gently brush moving. Every time after eating, should use warm boiling water gargle. As long as the second day postpartum should be allowed to start brushing teeth, preferably not more than 3 days. Need to pay attention to the following points: in pregnancy, attention to calcium intake, oral hygiene, to avoid damage to the teeth. Maternal body is weak, is in adjustment, more sensitive to cold stimulation. Therefore, remember to use warm water to brush your teeth, and brushing your teeth before the toothbrush with warm water, to prevent cold stimulation of the teeth and gums, excessive stimulation. Every morning and go to bed brush again, if you have the habit of eating supper, after eating supper to brush again. In the 3 days postpartum with finger rinse, namely finger wash or put on the gauze on the index finger, put toothpaste on fingers and as a brush head, back and forth, up and down on the teeth clean, reoccupy finger pressing the gum several times. This method can promote blood circulation, strong teeth, to avoid loose teeth. 5,)相关的主题文章: