October 1st Hangzhou new residential decoration to be fully implemented gamelink

October 1st Hangzhou new residential decoration delivery to all the whole policy in September 10th, the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government Office issued the "opinions on promoting the development of green building and building industrialization" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), pointed out: "in October 1st, the province’s cities, county city center on the sale or transfer of land for new residential. All the whole decoration and finishing, to encourage the construction of residential renovation and actively implement." This is the first in our country to take the lead in the implementation of the new residential renovation full coverage, and took the lead in the implementation of the full renovation of the residential time and scope." Provincial Housing Department official said. Blank room, there are many problems in the decoration is criticized by a great waste of resources caused by repeated renovation, the provincial people’s Congress, Zhongtian Group Chairman Lou Yongliang had repeatedly raised the "blank Housing is the biggest waste of resources" Chinese; two is the decoration process knocked on the wall holes, serious hidden dangers of construction safety; three is the decoration a long process, not only pollute the residential environment, also the impact of the neighborhood. Compared with the blank room, the entire renovation of residential decoration in the cost control, quality control will have an advantage, more and more buyers are also more interested in fine residential. Since May 1st this year, the formal implementation of the Zhejiang green building regulations, the first to put forward the implementation of the whole residential renovation, that is, the future of Zhejiang, the basic housing will be out of the historical stage blank. The practice of Zhejiang hot lead in the country, in addition to the general good, how to achieve this goal step by step the residence whole decoration, is everyone’s concern. The "opinions" is a set of October 1st, the province’s cities, County Central City sale or transfer of land on new residential, must be all the whole decoration and goods delivery; two is to encourage residential construction and actively implement the whole decoration, this is the policy refinement and perfection. In addition to the full coverage of the new residential renovation, the implementation of the views of the green building to achieve full coverage and improve the coverage of the assembly building, the specific objectives and tasks. Zhejiang news + the so-called full decoration, refers to the house before turning the key, all the functional areas of the fixed surface of all paved or painted finished, the kitchen and the bathroom to complete the installation of all the basic equipment. Compared with the traditional design and construction methods, because it is a unified batch construction, renovation of the housing costs will be significantly reduced, greatly reduce pollution and waste, comply with health, safety and environmental protection requirements, is an important part of the implementation of green building. As early as half a century ago, foreign countries have begun to implement the full renovation of commercial housing model, has developed to a more mature stage. The whole renovation started late, the Ministry of housing in July 2008 issued a "notice on Further Strengthening the" residential decorative decoration management pointed out, encourage and promote the implementation of a one-time renovation of residential, residential decoration, decoration enterprise management unit and property service enterprise responsibility. 2006, the Hangzhou municipal government forwarded the "on promoting the implementation of the modernization of the residential industry in Hangzhou City," clearly stated that from 2008 onwards,.相关的主题文章: