Oka Mimi da! Kubo Yurika is on the cover of the magazine 3u8813

Oka Mimi da! Kubo Yurika was on the cover of the magazine. In the past, Japanese magazine covers were often models or stars. But in recent years, with the increase of the two dimension influence, many have become the cover voiced by chance. The official recently announced that popular seiyuu Kubo Yurika boarded the comic magazine "YOUNG GANGAN", the results lead to a lot of attention. You can see from the picture, a deer is wearing transparent clothes, as if the sky was thinking of what. The overall style is particularly intellectual beauty. Let people finally is with her that more funny than the girl to separate the area. To this end, many users have commented: too much praise! Can the magazine clean the sea?" Oka Mimi da! After the business to be successful oh." So do you like this dress? The 27 year old Kubo Yurika had starred in the "LoveLive" Koizumi Sun Yang, the landlord sister puberty! "Thousands of benefits", "Miss Qin Pu," and so on the role of Sen Valley day. In addition, she has a good performance in the film and television drama, drama and radio programs, etc.. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: