Operator executives to get the message of fraud fraud into action (video) ca1834

Operator: executives to receive SMS fraud anger into action network security Expo press conference site publicity week priorities in 2016 as the national network security, network security Expo will be held September 19th -25 in Wuhan International Expo Center Hall A6-1. In the network security Expo press conference on September 18th, China Telecom (micro-blog) general manager of group of principal Lee Min said, "my mobile phone will occasionally receive spam messages, SMS fraud. As an ordinary user, my heart, like other users, very angry." In response to surging news () questions, Li Anmin said, we are the main operators of communications operators, (so) we are not only angry, but also to turn into the operator’s anger and responsibility for action." Li Anmin said that on the communications fraud, the state composed of a number of ministries joint special action team, operators are also included. To combat communications fraud, the most important thing is to monitor and user reports and other initiatives for traceability. "There is now a shutting down the implementation of inter ministerial mechanisms rely on operators, because the number of all the operators on hand, so we are fully cooperate with." Li said that since the beginning of this year, China Telecom cooperate with relevant departments to shut down the number more than 20 thousand. In terms of network interception, Li Anmin, China Telecom staff in the anti fraud center 7× 24 hours of assistance and duty. In June this year, China Telecom in Guangxi province to help the public security departments to intercept spam messages 1 million 100 thousand, indicating spam is still very rampant." He said that the phone real name system is also very important, the real name system is a great role in order to prevent communication fraud. China Telecom commitment in November 2016, for the real name system does not do the user to double stop (neither can make a phone call, can not answer the phone), previously only a single stop. In short, the fight against communications fraud is not only related to the operator, not only to the Internet Co, is a multifaceted system engineering. The state attaches great importance to highly cooperate with operators." Li Anmin said. Surging news learned from the press conference, the network security Expo by the central network security and Informatization Leading Group Office, the Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security guidance, sponsored by the Wuhan Municipal People’s government, the Ministry of industry and information technology of electronics, China network security industry alliance and the Wuhan municipal network security and Informatization Leading Group Office jointly hosted. "Network security" for the people to fair network security network security by the people "as the theme, reflects the public network security master consciousness, everyone is the main responsibility for network security, network security is closely related to individual and national network security." Central network letter office responsible person. The network security Expo will focus on the security protection of personal information security, network security, network application of the new technology of display technology results in the wisdom of the city, medical wisdom, wisdom and financial aspects, for the public network security propaganda and interactive experience. There will be 95 companies participating in the field of network security, the number of exhibitors and Exhibition size are the most previous. (surging news reporter Lu Mengjun) wonderful video recommend network information leakage worrying, street lovers pro test monitoring app.相关的主题文章: