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Guangdong will set up a pediatric medical staff post prize title tilt – Beijing, Beijing, Guangzhou, September 22, (Cheng Jingwei Wu Jiefen) Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress held in the provincial people’s Congress on behalf of 22 key recommendations for the briefing, the Guangdong provincial health and Family Planning Commission deputy director Chen Yiping said at the meeting, Guangdong will set up a certain position the reward for pediatric medical staff, to ensure that the pediatric medical staff income not less than the same level of the average income level of medical personnel, and give preferential policies in the promotion and attending physicians in post employment. In recent years, the shortage of pediatric medical staff in Guangdong highlights the overall shortage of pediatric health resources supply institutions. According to Xia Huimin, Yang Xingfen and other people’s Congress put forward on strengthening the construction of three service network, Guangdong maternal and child health strengthenobstetric pediatric health care service ability, improve their reasonable income proposal, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Planning Commission Chen Yiping said in response, Guangdong has always attached great importance to the health of women and children, do a lot of work on strengthening the construction of maternal and child health services, strengthen the system of personnel training, strengthen birth obstetricsmaternity comprehensive prevention and control of defect service ability, improve the medical care system. Chen Yiping said, during 12th Five-Year, a total of 200 million yuan investment in the central budget to support the Guangdong children’s medical service system and the construction of maternal and child health care institutions. In the second batch of the central budget investment projects in 2016, the central government funded the Guangdong County Maternal and child health care institutions in 6, the amount of investment subsidies arranged nearly $50 million, with a total investment of more than 130 million yuan. Chen Yiping said, in order to solve the existing problems of Guangdong obstetricsmaternity service capacity and the construction of maternal and child health service system, Guangdong Province Planning Commission will formulate relevant implementation plans, to solve the people’s Congress proposed the question, including the distribution of medical institutions, to fully consider the characteristics of pediatric, pediatric medical staff to determine a reasonable wage level. The setting of a certain job incentives, to ensure the pediatric medical staff income not less than the same level of the average income level of medical staff. In addition, the pediatric medical staff Title Promotion and appointment of physicians to give preferential policies to promote the professional development of pediatric medical staff, stable technical personnel. (end)相关的主题文章: