Philippine President’s face first after the warning of clearing China looking forward to visit china

Philippine President’s face: the first is looking forward to visit China after warning "liquidation China" original title: Philippine President China why "the Qing Zhuanyin": first look forward to "visit" warning "liquidation Chinese" first express "to visit China within this year" sooner or later "liquidation Chinese" warned Philippine President China why one day "the Qing Zhuanyin" [global in Singapore, Japan Times correspondent Xin Bin Li Zhen Wei Hui Global Times reporter Guo Xiaowei Zhen Xiang Ni Hao] Philippines President Duthel Te exactly what medicine to sell? Over the past two days, the "dare to say" is known for the new leader of the Philippines for the second time in a row involving China’s stance was soft and hard suddenly and hard on the ground in the past two days. In August 23rd he first released in good faith, hope and China years on the South China Sea dispute dialogue, and said it would not mention Nanhai arbitration in next month at the beginning of the ASEAN summit, so as not to stimulate the Chinese. The same day he was again severely criticized the United States, because the latter is on Duthel Te’s anti drug crackdown expressed serious concern". In Japan the media lamented Duthel Te’s "swing diplomacy" to let the two headaches, and even the Japanese diplomats claimed that "Philippines in the negotiations may be Chinese deception" on the occasion, Duthel Te in 24 days of soldiers speech when they make the "most of China since he took office a tough stance:" if the Philippines can not understand each other, if the negotiations rupture of Chinese invasion of Philippines, the result will be bloody. He also said that China can not avoid the South China Sea arbitration, sooner or later to have a liquidation". In the view of accepting the "Global Times" reporter interviewed China scholar Walter is nothing more than "soft hard" on Chinese. The 23 day also said that "as long as the national interests of China" first look at Duthel Te said the day before the relentless statement. According to Reuters, Duthel Te, 23, said at the presidential palace in Manila, he hopes to engage in dialogue with China on the South China Sea dispute during the year. Duthel Te told reporters, "the best to contact with Chinese through diplomatic dialogue and angered Chinese officials". Asked about the expected timing of bilateral talks, he replied: "this year." Duthel Te also said that Philippines has no intention to mention the South China Sea in the early next month the ASEAN summit, but also said, "if someone on the mind, we will discuss, but for Philippines, we hope that the dialogue." Duthel Te also asked, if the formal negotiations with China, "where can we go?" Next month 6 to 8, the ASEAN summit will be held in Laos, U.S. President Obama will attend the summit. Hongkong "South China Morning Post" said 24 days, the U.S. State Department spokesman said Washington "urged all parties to accept the conditions in the negotiations, and not by force or the threat of force". However, the spokesman did not say Walter at the summit not to mention the South China Sea arbitration comment. Reported that the Washington firm support of Philippines sued China, but failed in Southeast Asian countries to reach agreement within position. Philippines GMA news network reported that, in addition to opening bilateral talks with Chinese in years, Walter also said it was considering the possibility of China, "as long as the interests of the nation will visit, on the other hand, will not visit". Duthel Te said that Philippines and China must ultimately solve the arbitration award, there is an opportunity to talk about the issue is not possible"相关的主题文章: