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Picture story: "the internet light shining young people – China youth network Wuzhen science and technology Sohu in November 16 Xinhua (reporter Zhang Yanliang Li Chengguang) " Chinese network in 80% of Internet users are young people, youth in 80% from the absorption of information network, network practitioners in the 80% young, and now a double China the boom, double 80% is youth network business. " the Third World Conference of the Internet Internet? Light Expo November 15th opened in Zhejiang Wuzhen, the main show in the field of the Internet, the international forefront of interactive experience, a total of 310 foreign Internet enterprises collective appearance. China Youth Network reporter in the first line of the show, and those in the light of the Internet under the youth of a dialogue. 1, the 24 year old Tong Qing, engaged in network security technology research and development for 7 years, she and her colleagues have implemented " for two years; a major breakthrough in the pseudo defense " China’s network space defense technology. This technology is expected to fundamentally change the strategic offensive and defensive asymmetries in cyberspace, reshaping the new order of cyberspace. " busy ignore gender, attention to the work of a breakthrough on the technology of " Tong Qing said.   2, the age of 25, in the light of the exposition on the Internet to demonstrate the idea to control the car speed. His company team members from top universities at home and abroad, independent research and development of EEG acquisition chip, through the analysis of brain activity in production of " " equipment; thoughts;. " science and technology is developing too fast " it is 2 years and a half of his greatest feeling.   3, Yang Chenghan, aged 25, from Taiwan. He demonstrated at the scene through a special glove to achieve communication between deaf and ordinary people. When he was a graduate student at National Tsinghua University, he started developing the product. " this pair of gloves developed a year, now the whole Chinese with about twenty million deaf, unable to communicate with normal people, so I want to develop such a glove, so that they can properly communicate with people. " Yang Chenghan said.   4, Wang Dingran, age 33. 2015 from the traditional industries to enter the field of Internet banking. He is now the company, by constructing a set based on its Internet technology and big data Internet financial risk control system of financial products, in the traditional financial coverage to the place, can provide a better credit system for China consumers, better loans, loan services, more stable income. " this is a sunrise industry, we also hope to use the Internet in the light of our fist stage show, better service for consumers China. " Wang Dingran said.   5, Jiang Huajing, 39 years old, is committed to independent innovation in the field of radio spectrum monitoring, * * * has been 15 years, his greatest feeling is: technology develops very quickly, a large Internet data storage before this one, do not take all the data stored;相关的主题文章: