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Babies-Toddler Potty training should be a fun experience and milestone in the life of a child. The reason why many parents experience the contrary is simply because they fail to prepare properly and don’t work according to a proven method. In this article I will help you to approach potty training in the correct way and avoid all the frustration from the start. When the time comes for you to potty train your little girl, it is important to first choose the method that you are going to use before you do anything else. Once you have chosen a method, it becomes a lot easier to prepare for the big day. In this article we examine the 3 most effective methods of potty training for girls. 1. The "Nudist" Method This method is cheap and easy, but very messy. One or more potties are introduced and after explaining what the potties are for, the child is allowed to walk around naked for 3-7 days. There will be many accidents and the purpose of this is to create a awareness of bodily functions with the child. The child will soon learn on her own that it is much more comfortable to use the potty than to have stuff running down her leg. I would only recommend this method if you can’t afford one of the 2 methods below. 2. The "Potty Routine" Method This method is all about learning by repetition and routine. A timer is used and the child is taken to the potty at fixed intervals (for example once an hour and after meals) for about 3 days. With guidance from the parent, the child will soon learn what is expected of her during potty time and within a day or two she will know what to do when she needs to relief herself, without the timer. This method is very effective, but time consuming. 3. Dr. Phil’s One Day Method This method is a little more expensive, but by far the most popular for girls (because it uses a special wetting doll). The basic premise behind this method is that the best way to learn something is to teach it. By teaching the doll to use the potty, the child will quickly potty train herself in the process. Since Dr. Phil demonstrated this method on his show a couple of years ago, it has become the most popular method for potty training both boys and girls. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: