Poverty alleviation work not only to teach people to fish but also to give people fishing – Sohu rev-running man 20130908

The poverty alleviation work not only to teach people to fish but also to teach people to fish – Sohu on November 3, 2013, general secretary Xi Jinping to Hunan Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture Huayuan County paibi Township eighteen Village to inspect in the hole, first proposed the "precise poverty" instructions, let the stockade become hot. The eighteen hole was a village in the mountainous area of Wuling broke in, there are 136 poor households, 542 impoverished population, per capita income of only 1668 yuan in 2013. However, just three years time, the backward village industrial development through the establishment of cooperatives, planting, farming and other special industries into the picturesque beautiful Miao village. For the country to provide a fresh eighteen Village Cooperation precise poverty alleviation experience. Poverty alleviation work not only to "blood transfusion" should be "hematopoietic" in 2015 the central government has reached 46 billion 745 million yuan of special funds for poverty alleviation. In the poverty alleviation work and give money to the material is not the most difficult, how in the poverty reduction process does not fall into "etc, to rely on the mud, don’t let the poor households develop confidently to eat low inertia, it is needed to overcome the problems in the work of poverty alleviation. Over the years, poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation and rural subsistence allowances in accordance with the requirements of the "two systems" distributed to households to the people, can only solve the basic living problems of the poor, not to mention the development of industry, the annual "blood transfusion", not only for the poor physical fitness, but to make a number of people depend on thought. At present, the central finance special poverty relief funds are mainly divided into the development funds, minority development funds, relief funds, state-owned farms, poverty relief funds of state-owned forest farm in poverty relief funds, "three" funds in six direction, mainly used to support the development of industries with local advantages, improve the poor poor basic production and living conditions and improve the poor employment and production capacity etc.. Provide business platform and financial support for the recipients, so that people who need help through their own efforts to create wealth to achieve the effect of self aid. This makes the poor is no longer just a charity, these people will also become a force to change local poverty, promote economic development in poverty-stricken areas there is no longer a problem. On the face of it, the poverty in some areas is due to the low income of farmers, but the deeper reason is that farmers lack the ability to increase their income. In order to improve the poor people’s income, depends on individual’s own model can not solve the fundamental problem. With the deepening of poverty alleviation, industrial poverty alleviation is becoming a major path from a one-time poverty alleviation to sustainable poverty alleviation in many areas. For the poor areas to provide entrepreneurial ideas, development platform, funds to support the modernintensive characteristics of poverty, poor areas from waiting for the "blood transfusion" to "automatic blood" is a permanent solution. Poverty require wisdom initiative will eliminate poverty and ignorance, poverty will help wisdom. Education plays an important role in the process of helping the poor, the main reason for the poor in most areas, in addition to the lack of resources, another factor is the backwardness of education. General secretary Xi Jinping emphasized on different occasions: "we should do well in the next generation of education, in particular, we should pay attention to the growth of the next generation of poor areas in the mountains. Next generation)相关的主题文章: