Private person today, Vanke a suspected stir hot money trading yvette yates

Private person: today, Vanke A limit suspected stir hot money hot column capital flows thousand thousand shares of stock on the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament Lin shares Niugu twenty-first Century economic report Zhou Song in August 31st, shortly after the tide of speculation (Vanke A 0002.SZ) limit again. Morning about 9:44, the original wave of not more than 1 points of Vanke A suddenly pulled up, 10 was pulled up to 8.56%, after a slight decline, pulled up again at 10:30, 10:39 is a single 600 million pay directly to the daily limit, as of the close, Vanke A shares closed at 24.93 yuan, up 10.02%, turnover of 5 billion 750 million yuan. And this is not the same as Hengda hengda. Vanke A billboard data shows, before buying five, Societe Generale Securities Shaanxi branch to buy 406 million yuan, Shenwan Hong Shenzhen Jintian Road Securities Business Department to buy 166 million yuan, CITIC Securities Shanghai Huaihai Road business department to buy 128 million yuan, GF Securities Xi’an Guangji South Street business department to buy 86 million 310 thousand and 200 yuan, Founder Securities Taizhou Jiefang Road Sales Department to buy 77 million 943 thousand and 400 yuan. The top five selling, China Merchants Securities Nanjing Zhongshan Road Sales Department to sell 118 million yuan, Huatai Securities Shanghai Macao Road Sales Department to sell 107 million 500 thousand yuan, China international financial company Shanghai Huaihai Road business department to sell 61 million 730 thousand yuan, Huaan securities Bengbu branch company sold 57 million 870 thousand yuan, three River in Beijing Guoxin Securities Sales Department to sell 51 million 430 thousand yuan. A concern Vanke equity dispute of Beijing private person on twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said: "today is the first trading as Hengda, buying not previously familiar with the business department, there is also no one in Guangzhou. Moreover, here to buy at the same time to sell, sell at the same time to buy, more like the behavior of hot money." To Societe Generale Securities Shaanxi branch as an example, public information, had also participated in sea cucumber (002447.SZ), Chinese Yiqiao film (600977.SH) and other transactions, and more inclined to time shares of hype. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: