Protect Your Health – Get Your Annual Physicals On

UnCategorized Annual physicals are routine examinations which your medical provider performs to evaluate your overall health. Annual physicals are also known as wellness checks. Annual physicals help your medical provider determine the status of your overall health. You should also use this time to discuss concerns or any questions you may have with your provider. Be sure and tell them about any symptoms or ongoing pain you may be experiencing or any other health concerns you may have. The National Institutes of Health re.mend healthy individuals undergo annual physicals at least once per year. Your medical provider will use the annual physical to check on several things: oIdentify any health conditions which may be.e a medical concern in the future oIdentify any diseases early so they may be treated oEvaluate your exercise routine and diet to ensure you are following a healthy lifestyle oUpdate immunizations The medical provider may also use annual physicals as a time to check for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. The regular screening which occurs during annual physicals allows your medical provider to identify and treat these conditions before they be.e too severe. Your medical provider may also perform physicals prior to surgery or before you begin treatment for a medical condition. Preparing for annual physicals It is important to properly prepare for annual physicals. This preparation can help get the most out of your annual physical appointment. Gather the following documentation before the annual physical: oA .plete list of current medications, including herbal supplements and over-the-counter drugs oResults from any relevant or recent tests oList of any pain or symptoms you are experiencing oNames and contact information for any other medical providers or specialists you may have recently seen oSurgical and medical history oAny other questions you may have for the medical provider Dress .fortably and do not wear extra jewelry or too much makeup. You want to make it as easy as possible for the medical provider to perform a thorough physical examination. How annual physicals are performed Typically at the beginning of your appointment a nurse will ask you about your medical history. You should tell them about any allergies, symptoms or surgeries. Following this, you will meet with the medical provider who is performing your annual physical. The medical provider will usually begin annual physicals by checking for unusual marks or growths. They will then examine the abdomen and other .ans, looking for location, consistency, size, texture and tenderness of the .ans. These are important parts of all annual physicals. The medical providers perform annual physicals every day and will be happy to perform yours. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: