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Arts-and-Entertainment Good party refreshment is what makes party success. After a long day of stitching and crafting, girls be.e exhausted and of course hungry by the evening. Let us now find out how to stir up those exhausted girls with great refreshment. For the next bit of excitement line the girls up in two straight rows facing each other. Draw a chalk line in front of their toes (chalk will vacuum off the rug with no trouble). Give each girl a piece of the cardboard that was used in the last game, but this time to be used as a fan. Toss two ping-pong balls between the two rows of girls. The object of the game is for each team to fan the ball over the opponents’ line. The girls must stay behind the lines. The balls can’t be touched only fanned. A referee keeps track of the score and announces the winners. The action of these elusive little balls makes this a really exciting game. Another circle game girls of this age will enjoy is called "Jingle Bell." The girls stand in a circle with their hands behind them. One player is given the bell. A leader is chosen to stand in the center of the circle and close her eyes. She then counts slowly to ten, the counts .ing about a second apart. Upon the first count, whoever has the bell rings it vigorously and then takes the clapper in her hand and passes it behind her back to her neighbor either to the right or left. On the count of ten, the movements stop and the leader open her eyes. She guesses who has the bell. Anyone caught with the bell be.es the next leader. By this time the girls will be ready for refreshments. To carry out the puppet idea serves a puppet meal. Arrange on each plate a .plete doll. The head is half a hard-boiled egg with raisin eyes, nose and mouth shredded yellow cheese for hair a peach pickle body with raisin buttons celery arms and a lettuce leaf for a skirt. Under the lettuce leaf will be a generous serving of your favorite hot dish macaroni and cheese, or tuna, or creamed chicken. The girls will be delighted with these tasty attractive puppets. Ice cream is always an acceptable dessert to the young fry. Each guest will be anxious to take her puppet balloon home to show her family and will rate this party as tops. No matter how tired the girls are, tasty attractive puppets delighted and excited again in the end of the party. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: