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Putin: Russia and the United States Department of defense necessary new agencies to establish a close working relationship – Sohu in Moscow in February 14,   news; (reporter Wang Xiujun) according to the Russian presidential press service reported that Russian President Dmitry Putin said on the 14, it is necessary to establish a close working relationship between Russia and the United States Department of defense. Russian President news agency announced on the same day, should be proposed by the United States, the same day, Putin and President Obama telephone conversation, discuss the situation between Syria and Ukraine. During the period, the two sides actively evaluated the achievements of the fourth foreign ministers’ meeting held in Munich from 11 to 12 this month, and supported the efforts made by the Syria ceasefire group and the humanitarian aid group in Syria. During the call, Putin stressed that in order to more effectively combat the Islamic state and other terrorist organizations, Russia, the United States and representatives of the Ministry of defense should establish close working contacts. In addition, the establishment of the international united front against terrorism should not adopt double standards. On the Ukraine issue, Putin said, hope that the Ukraine government to take measures to establish a direct dialogue with the eastern Ukraine Donetsk and Luhansk oblast state as soon as possible. According to U.S. officials, on the day of the call, the United States asked Russia to stop the air strikes against the Syria opposition. The United States believes that Russia’s ceasefire action will play a constructive role in the situation in Syria". According to public information, this is the second time since this year, the president of the United States and Russia to make calls. This year, the first call was held in January, during which the main topics were the Middle East, Ukraine and the Korean peninsula. Author: Wang Xiujun 普京:俄美国防部有必要建立紧密工作联系-搜狐新闻  中新社莫斯科2月14日电  (记者 王修君)据俄罗斯总统新闻局消息,俄总统普京14日表示,俄罗斯与美国国防部之间有必要建立紧密工作联系。  俄总统新闻局当天发布消息称,应美方提议,当天普京与美国总统奥巴马进行电话交谈,讨论叙利亚与乌克兰局势。期间,双方积极评价了叙利亚国际支持小组于本月11日至12日在慕尼黑举行的第四次外长会取得的成果,并支持叙利亚停火问题小组和人道主义援助小组所做出的努力。  在通话期间,普京强调,为更有效地打击“伊斯兰国”及其他恐怖组织,俄、美两国国防部代表之间应该建立紧密工作联系。此外,建立国际统一反恐阵线不应采用双重标准。  在谈到乌克兰问题时,普京表示,希望乌克兰政府采取措施,尽早与乌东部顿涅茨克州和卢甘斯克州方面建立直接对话。  另据美国官方透露,在当天的通话中,美方要求俄方停止对叙利亚反对派的空中打击。美国认为俄方的停火行动将对叙利亚局势起到“建设性作用”。  据公开资料显示,此次是今年以来俄美两国总统第二次进行通话。今年双方首次通话在1月份,期间谈论的话题主要是中东、乌克兰以及朝鲜半岛局势。  作者:王修君相关的主题文章: