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Qualcomm VR helmet trial: 4K screen really awesome than Vive or Rift snapdragon VR820 Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 2nd news, in the 2016 IFA show, Qualcomm snapdragon show (Snapdragon) VR820 helmet. Digitaltrends reporter tried the helmet, found that VR820 installed 4K screen image is clear, more clear than Vive or Oculus Rift. The helmet also has an important feature: complete wireless. The helmet has some bulky reads as follows: when we think of the VR helmet, there’s no name for Qualcomm in mind. If you are just an ordinary consumer, Qualcomm may simply do not understand. In fact, Qualcomm has become the smart phone industry, Intel". Your phone may be equipped with Qualcomm processor. Qualcomm hardware is very popular, and respected by people. Now Qualcomm has demonstrated its own VR helmet. You might think there’s nothing different about Qualcomm’s helmet. Their helmets called Qualcomm Xiaolong VR820, it has some originality. There are two cameras in front of the helmet, no additional sensors or hardware can provide space tracking and gesture recognition function. Does that sound familiar? Yes, Intel has just launched the ProjectAlloy helmet has the same function. Technically, Intel provides a more powerful developer kit. Xiaolong VR820 has a different place compared with Project Alloy: can we really try helmet, the next 2 months will be submitted to Qualcomm partner helmet. The helmet with Qualcomm Xiaolong Xiaolong VR820 logo in the end? Quite good, at least when the company demonstrates the effect of the basic demo sample. Wear a helmet, we see the squid, can move in real space, does not need the controller, without a cable winding. There is no error in tracking the action, will not be delayed, because of this, people feel more comfortable using the helmet. The best place is the 4K screen, its resolution is higher than HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, the image is more clear – clear a lot. Qualcomm demonstrated a limited number of demo samples, does not support interactive features, they can not show the potential of the helmet in the gesture support, because of this, we can not for Qualcomm Technology under a final conclusion. In addition, Qualcomm display helmet after all just reference design, feeling very cheap, some heavy, which is also reasonable thing. The environment is not ideal when using a helmet. The trial space is not "empty", the general enterprise display of VR products will set up a control room, Qualcomm did not do so, it just chose a press room, which is packed with reporters, we can stand with the extension range of not more than an arm’s distance. However, the high – end helmet tracking function is not defective, it seems that the helmet can be used in a chaotic environment. There’s one thing that needs to be explained on the front side of the helmet: the helmet we see is not for consumers. Qualcomm open)相关的主题文章: