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Radev was elected the new president of Bulgaria was a fighter pilot – Sohu news people.com.cn Warsaw 14 November, Bulgaria Central Election Commission announced the 14 and the second round of the presidential election preliminary results of voting, the opposition Socialist Party candidate Radev 59.35% of the vote, was elected the new president of bulgaria. Radev, 58, has no party, but is supported by the conservative opposition Socialist party. Radev was known as the "red general" by European media, a fighter pilot and air commander. Radev served as commander of the Bulgarian air force, retired in August this year, he began his career in politics. In his campaign, Mr Radev accused the ruling centre right government of "slow pace", especially in the long stalled reforms in health and education. He criticized the current government will be turned into a Bulgarian European immigrant settlements, claiming that if elected president, will dissolve parliament, and early parliamentary elections. He also urged the EU to stop sanctions against Moscow, and promised to strengthen the relationship between Bulgaria and Russia after the election of president. Bulgaria’s Central Election Commission will announce the results of the election 16. Radev will be sworn in next January 22nd to begin his 5 year presidency.相关的主题文章: