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To improve the chances of conceiving female fertility Cougar risk – a Sohu, how to improve maternal and child Cougar are very important, the chances of conceiving a healthy lifestyle for women trying to get pregnant, you should maintain a healthy weight, regular exercise, keep healthy. If you eat the right food and get enough nutrition, you should also avoid the bad habit of smoking and drinking. Try to relax yourself when it comes to infertility, stress is a key factor. If possible, try to make the most of the pressure on your body and life. You can use yoga or meditation to relieve the pressure. Women over the age of 45 are difficult to conceive. Ask your partner to have something else you can ask your partner to improve your chances of conceiving. Don’t wear tight pants when you’re trying to conceive. Detection of ovulation in the ovulatory period of sexual behavior is likely to be pregnant, therefore, the use of basic thermometer to detect their ovulation period, and the use of this period, improve the probability of pregnancy. It is important to see a doctor for a woman who wants to be pregnant after 45 years of age. Because many women over the age of 45 can’t conceive on their own, they need a doctor’s help. The doctor will give you the right advice. Two, there are some risks, to advanced maternal pregnancy complications for elderly women, the biggest problem is the complications during pregnancy, such as abortion, premature delivery, postpartum hemorrhage and so on, because the body function of young women to no good, so dangerous. Elderly women who are prone to health problems are also prone to health problems during pregnancy, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or cardiovascular disease. Because of the function of the body is not more than the young women, it is easy to have the problem of chromosome abnormality during pregnancy. Relatively easy to dystocia, in general, older women’s physical strength is relatively poor, unlike young women, so the time of childbirth prone to the phenomenon of childbirth, doctors usually recommend caesarean section. Women are more likely to have a rapid decline in fertility after they are over 35 years of age. Therefore, for women over the age of 45, it is even more difficult to conceive, or even suffer from infertility.相关的主题文章: