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Robbed of real divorce will be stuck with? Robbed of real divorce will be stuck with? Cheng Kai – CPI is a let the market is very concerned about the data, but the market concern CPI not because of concern the price of pork prices rise or fall, the importance of CPI is that it is an important reference for the central bank’s monetary policy, the consumer price index CPI, together with PPI that factory producer price index, if the drop is too large economy is in danger of deflation, the central bank will need to relax monetary policy to stimulate economic growth. The August CPI data low indeed than the market expected, August CPI rose 1.3%, a record low since October 2015, in spite of this, the central bank’s monetary policy in the remaining 4 months of this year, estimation is very difficult to find a reason to cut interest rates again, the reason is not sufficient, to prevent asset prices, especially real estate prices the reason is very full of foam. For those with plenty of cash, the low cost of financing, anxious to grab the most expensive land developers, the central bank to cut interest rates again this wonderful thing is certainly not, but for those buyers who, in 2016 the rate cut is already in place. Now the rest of the matter is how to make the first and second tier cities prices steady. For Beijing housing prices in Shanghai, seems to have formed a very consistent expectations: developers believe that prices will rise, or will not be careless with to grab the most expensive land; the bank also believes that the first-tier cities will increase prices, otherwise it will not rush to grab the most expensive land developers loans; the government also worried that prices will rise, or not restart the purchase of a variety of measures to limit credit; purchase whether speculative investment or self living people, no longer believe Beijing Shanghai prices will fall, can afford to buy, can not afford to buy and buy all kinds of leverage. This is expected, how to look more like the 2015 5000 stock market? Of course, the market can not be predicted, we can only do things in accordance with the probability and risk control. This words is easy, but it’s too hard, otherwise it would not have so many people in the stock market plummeted last year in the explosion. What is the current real estate market in the high probability event? When it is expected to be the same, it is likely that the price fluctuations. No one can predict a longer term trend, but a risk of volatility can make people die. I do not say when prices peaked, when the biggest risk of price correction? Of course, the market forces are expected to be the same time. This is what I say is a relatively large probability of the event. If this concept is relatively large, and requires you to control risk, then how do you do? Of course, do not chase high buy a house. If you have a house, the cost is relatively low, you probably don’t panic sell, because no one can expect to the top, but if you have money, this time going to rob the house, even more frightening is that you need to add leverage to buy a house, and this is beyond the ability to repay you leverage leverage, so you are dangerous. This danger is not related to the rise and fall of prices相关的主题文章: