Saitama old wet handsome European manufacturers will launch its hand. stand by me shinee

Saitama old wet handsome. European manufacturers will launch its TV model animation "boxing Superman" adapted from Murata Yusuke ONE, the original Japanese cartoonist for the comic book. The animation is loved by many viewers for its novel storyline and the author’s unique brain circuit. First model 4 Figures the famous European and American manufacturers will launch a "punch" Superman "in Saitama" in next year’s hand. The "Superman" fist hand to do a very unique old wet jade ada. Although the figures are like clothes and other common animation, but can "face" is quite interesting. Set a total of two faces, one is the Saitama common Daisha eyed modeling, another is a handsome other frown. Rare to see careless and casual Saitama old wet face justice. The new model height of 24 inches (about 0.6 meters), the ordinary version is priced at $349.99 (about 2332 yuan), Limited Edition (including replaceable head) is priced at $374.99 (about 2498 yuan). Is expected to be available in the second quarter of next year. "One punch Superman" tells the story of a group of super powers. The hero was originally Saitama ordinary people a day go to the job. One day 3 years ago came across to the naughty teen killer crab mutation people, remember when young "want to become a hero" dream, finally try to save the naughty boy. To be a hero to regain interest, through hard training, Saitama finally reborn won the strongest strength, but also lost hair became bald, but also lost some feelings. Alone in doing a hero, together with his disciples Jienuosi officially joined the association with numerous heroes, heroes together started against all kinds of life.相关的主题文章: