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Samsung Note Samsung said the first 7 traced Hongkong fried foreign heat led to surging news reporter Zhou Ling Wang Xinyue following the mainland (BNM) exposed China licensed version of Galaxy Note 7 after the explosion, has also said that consumers buy Samsung Note 7 mobile phone explosion in Hongkong. September 20th, Hongkong, a number of media reports, Hongkong Huang housewife (aka Christy Wong) to buy Samsung Note 7 mobile phone explosion. From the media published the picture, the entire mobile phone back was black, in front of the screen is partially burned. Hongkong SamSung company spokesman said, the evening of September 19th received the 7 Note mobile phone, immediately carried out a detailed analysis, according to Samsung and New Energy Company (ATL) the results of preliminary tests show that the damage is caused by external heat, Samsung has contacted the body in the field of customer, to understand the incident. Hongkong’s Ming Pao reported, Christy users in Facebook upload a serious black mobile phone photos, mobile phone screen visible back and burned out of a huge black frame, have loose, next to a pile of black object is estimated to burn the mobile phone parts solution. Samsung Hongkong earlier made it clear that, from August 26th to September 1st in the sale of Galaxy Note 7 in Hongkong, less than 500 mobile phone batteries are provided by the supplier. To August 17th, Samsung Hongkong said that there are 159 Note 7 is not recycled, will begin in September 18th for its mandatory update software, re set the cell phone battery charging limit of 60% to reduce the potential risk. Hong Kong media said that the September 2nd purchase of Note Huang housewife is not in the scope of 7 mobile phone replacement. This tone in line with Samsung’s response to the explosion in the mainland two, Samsung Note explosion was attributed to the external heat of the cause of the 7. In September 18, 19, two (China) to buy domestic licensed version of Note7 users "you lucky Doll" and "meow star balls" in Baidu Post Bar posting said, himself in the Jingdong to buy Note 7, explode. In this regard, Samsung Chinese said in a statement published on September 19th, the company pay close attention to the recent Note 7 burning incident, "in September 18th, it Chinese media coverage of the event, we through the Samsung Electronics Research Institute, quality inspection departments to carry out a detailed analysis of the product, the product is pushed off the damage caused by external heating." September 20th, South Korea, Chosun Ilbo reported that Samsung Electronics announced that is being discussed on the claim that the 2 Chinese consumers of false explosion criminal prosecution and other legal responses." More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: