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Samsung why the distinction Chinese, also let us kneel for others? – Sohu technology in the science and technology circles, Samsung’s status as entertainment Wang Feng. A variety of headlines are always snatched by apple, Samsung can only be when the second child". But recently, Samsung finally boarded the coveted throne. But unfortunately not as innovative as apple iPhone release news, but the explosion occurred Note 7, external heating, refused to recall, but the recall and other things. It is natural, Samsung’s reputation plummeted. And in October 30th, Samsung has become universally condemned object. On the same day, micro-blog claimed that, in order to allow dealers to order more, Samsung in the provincial dealer meeting Chinese forced area management of collective knees, even hand pressure on employees’ head down. For a time, this Mottaki, users have to point to the initiator of evil samsung. It is Samsung’s own mistakes, but let China staff kneel down, really is not. And before in the Note 7 recalled differences of consumer Chinese treatment, now Samsung was attacked in a disastrous state, blood. To restore things through: Samsung to open a road trip to change other people’s children "is a road to the west" the most, but Samsung is a pattern of death. Especially in the global Note 7 bombings, even death tricks frequent, and its core is the difference between Chinese consumers. After the explosion of the Note 7, Samsung said in its press conference, the recall of the Note7, including the United States, South Korea and other 10 countries and regions, the Chinese market is excluded". The excuse given is that in September 1st the official version of the national market in the Chinese version of the market, due to the use of different battery suppliers, and therefore not in the replacement category, Chinese consumers can rest assured to buy." In other words, the global recall of 2 million 500 thousand Note 7 does not include the Chinese market. And then, Samsung is China quality inspection administration interviewed, but also just announced a recall of 1858 sets of Note7 mobile phone in China. Even after the emergence of the Note 7 explosion in China, Samsung has also been tested alone, the results show that the product explosion is caused by external heating, rather than the product itself." Although the final recall under the huge pressure in the Chinese market, but not as good as the United States, South Korea and other markets. The old back broke and the micro-blog user @ old meeting in order to force China staff kneel down, is to let consumers China amotion. In the progressive die pattern technique, Samsung is completely against Chinese consumers. Kneel! Samsung is not ashamed to a certain extent, the original Chinese mainland market is one of the most important markets in the world, Samsung, but has always been to the Chinese market with a dismissive attitude. The Chinese consumers differentiated Samsung, to show the most incisive in the Kneeling Incident in. Even to kneel this degrading practice, Samsung is still evading responsibility to negative error, attitude. Samsung, a person in charge of docking media in an interview with a domestic media confirmed that indeed hair相关的主题文章: