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Scholars: market regulation is not terrible, terrible is the superposition of a series of uncontrolled Author: Zhang Dawei source: David watch market regulation is not terrible, terrible "wealth effect at low tide"! This round of market three big artifact panic soaring influx of money and asset shortage is the wealth effect of the amount of credit: + + + real estate asset quality lack of a lot of people make money. These three points are the main cause of the current round of panic in the property market. Because you can find a house to make money in the short term, which is the biggest cause of panic, because it can make money, real estate has a wealth effect. Therefore, the emergence of the phenomenon of crazy divorce qualified buyers! But if the impact of regulation, these people can not find a house to make money, and the stock market last year will be the same? Except a few outside the city, this round of policy efforts is not: since the evening of September 30th to October 6th, just seven days time, Beijing, Tianjin, Suzhou, Chengdu, Hefei, Nanjing, Shenzhen and many other city has released a new market regulation policy, but also in Zhuhai, Dongguan yesterday and Fuzhou three city restart purchase credit limit strict management, coupled with the property market in Huizhou, the country to join the ranks of regulation makes the current round of the city reached 19. From the policy point of view, in fact, in addition to Beijing, Shenzhen, Hefei, Suzhou and a few other city, city policy is far less than in 2014 930 before the enforcement of the policy (46 for the purchase of the city, a comprehensive housing and credit recognition credit limit), and even a lot of the city can be said to be a tip. But why do people still feel this round of the market so scared? In fact, the reason is very simple, this round of housing prices rose too fast too concentrated, and in fact leverage is the most excessive rise. This round of a lot of investment have earned pours, so they stop line will be very low, once the market is likely to give up the wind sways grass, part of the profits to leave, in this case, even if the regulation is unlikely to worry will stampede effect. (of course, if the credit is still maintained 7-8 months of loose, this phenomenon will not generally) and this round of tightening, although seemingly a city of a policy, but such intensive introduction, proves that this round of policy is not local initiative introduced, but in high-rise comprehensive pressure under the collective action. From around the 7 day of the time to focus on the introduction of the policy, mainly in the second tier cities, and the basic prices are higher than the previous urban. From the introduction of the characteristics of the city policy can be judged, there will be a number of cities in the future will be introduced terms policy. Finally, there may be 20-30 cities formed the current regulatory policy storm (part of the three cities have joined the ranks of regulation). 1: how many cities will continue to join the ranks of regulation? Look from the expected before the policy is 16, housing prices rose too fast city needs a stable market, but with the introduction of intensive policy, many belonging to the radiation area of first-tier cities also began to join the ranks of market regulation. Expected future regulatory policies of the city the number will be over before the expected to reach 20-30, mainly include two types: a second tier city housing prices have significantly higher radiation including the surrounding area, and prices may rise in the city will follow the trend of the introduction part of the policy statement. These cities are likely to continue to introduce policies in October,.相关的主题文章: