Shaanxi issued a public indication of the appointment of Hao Guangyao to be the governor of the Qin -aapt.exe

Shaanxi issued the announcement of cadres’ appointment. Hao Guangyao was appointed to be the governor of Qin Nong bank. He was in the western part of the network (Shaanxi radio and TV station "Shaanxi news network" reporter Zhang Zhuo). The Organization Department of the Shaanxi provincial Party committee of the Communist Party of China issued a public notice to Hao Guangyao according to the relevant regulations. Hao Guangyao, male, born in September 1971 in Suide, Shaanxi, joined the party in June 1995. He went to work in July 1995, full time college degree, Bachelor of economics, master of engineering and senior economist. He is the vice president of the Shaanxi branch of the Agricultural Bank of China, the Party committee member and the general manager and the Secretary of the Party committee of the business department. He is a candidate for the governor of qinnong bank and vice secretary of the Party committee of qinnong bank. The majority of the cadres and the masses have opinions on the object of publicity, and can reflect to the provincial Party committee through the forms of letters, calls and visits. Publication date: September 20, 2016 to September 26, 2016 letter address: No. 10, Yanta Road in the south part of Xi’an city of Shaanxi Provincial Office Building No. 1 No. 0437 zip code: 710054 Tel: (029) receiving -12380 85582451 (fax) reporting web site: messages accepted: 139-9121-2380

陕西发布干部任职公示 郝光耀拟任秦农银行行长   西部网讯(陕西广播电视台《陕西新闻联播》记者 张卓) 中共陕西省委组织部根据有关规定,现对郝光耀同志予以任职公示。   郝光耀,男,1971年9月生,陕西绥德人,1995年6月入党,1995年7月参加工作,全日制大学学历、经济学学士,工程硕士、高级经济师。现任中国农业银行陕西省分行副行长、党委委员兼营业部总经理、党委书记,拟为秦农银行行长人选,任秦农银行党委副书记。   广大干部群众对公示对象如有意见,可通过来信、来电、来访等形式,向省委组织部反映。   公示时间:2016年9月20日至2016年9月26日   来信地址:西安市雁塔路南段10号陕西省委1号综合办公楼0437号   邮 编:710054   受理电话:(029)-12380 85582451(传真)   举报网址   短信受理:139-9121-2380相关的主题文章: