Shenzhen 6 square meters dove cage price of 880 thousand! The opening is robbed of

Shenzhen 6 square meters " dove cage " price of 880 thousand! The opening robbed Shenzhen 6 square meters of Dove "cage" price 880 thousand! The opening is robbed of light appeared from some local divorce housing chaos, into the listed company to sell the school district housing security shell…… The real estate market seems to have entered a frenzy again. Today, one from the Shenzhen real estate news shocking people’s attention, even Shenzhen developers launched just 6 square meters of apartment layout, the price is a price of 880 thousand. "Unprecedented in china! Shenzhen print! 6 square meters hardcover small apartment layout here!" This is the Shenzhen version of the dove cage Huxing project today made public advertising. This magical project, located in Shenzhen Nanshan District overseas Chinese town Shahe road and new road interchange, the development of the geographical location is good, from the Metro Line 1 Baishizhou station not far from the surrounding real estate is a luxury. The real estate project is located 6 square meters of the house looks like? In fact, at the end of 7, when the project is 6 square meters of the house immediately after the exposure of the real estate sector in Shenzhen, the network red, people feel big Shenzhen also have a dove cage! Daily economic news reporter went to the scene investigation, the project side said that the house is ready to internal digestion, not open sales. However, the house has to be publicly listed. Today (24 May), the daily economic news reporter to the identity of the buyers once again came to the project sales offices. In the sales offices, sales of the entire project demonstrated the real estate certificate area statistics. According to the above information registration, the real estate from the 6 floor to the second floor, almost every floor has an area of about 6.61 square meters of the smallest size, a total of 9 sets, ranging from an area of 5.73 square meters to 7.48 square meters. Subsequently, the sales staff led the reporter came to visit the model, a small room packed with showings, there are buyers who said they do not necessarily buy, is to look at the 6 square meters long house like. "Each reporter Huang Bowen photo from the field of view, the whole area of a total of 169 sets of apartments. Cause the city to pay attention to the 6 square meters of small size distribution in the floor of the head position, all toward the southeast direction, each unit has a window of two to three. These 9 sets of small Huxing are flat, not the legendary penthouse. Reporters observed at the scene, about 6 square meters of the house is small, but can meet the basic living needs. In order to expand the space, the design of the model between the collection of furniture and folding bed. Folding bed can be controlled by remote control, the opening process takes about a minute. The folding bed (each reporter Huang Bowen photo) also presented some area developers, the actual use of the area is about 12 square meters. Functional space available, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and other readily available, but the apartment is not founder, living together may not be too comfortable. "Each reporter Huang Bowen photo sales staff said, 6 square meters apartment layout only launched 4 sets (the rest of the morning, internal digestion) have been panic buying 3 sets, now only 1 sets. "You have to hurry up, you can’t grab it late!" The staff repeatedly urged, as for the price, a price of 880 thousand, "this is a special offer on相关的主题文章: