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Business The Introduction of H2o Therapy Gear about automatic self-cleaning filter To be concisely and .prehensively, water treatment gear will be the gear which by all types of bodily and chemical means, removes things that are unnecessary to help you production and also existence, to filter and purify water. Because h2o is carefully related to social manufacturing and life, the appliance fields which water therapy gear involves are so extensive that they type a huge professional software. Main Software Fields one. Domestic installation: Boiler, central air conditioning, warmth transfer method, domestic central air conditioning, and hanging boiler and so on. all of whose primary medium is water. two. Industrial general gear: Air .pressor, refrigerating machine, heat transfer machine, and chiller etc. three. Unique industries application: Antiscaling, descaling, magnetizing, and sterilizing of the water using equipment in food, pharmacy, and liquor such industries, to get a hydropower construction system which is environment friendly.Main Application Industries 1. Energy business water Dynamical method and water supply method of thermal power .panies and low-medium voltage boilers. Main purposes: Recycling water for power plants and factories’ high-low voltage boiler, air conditioner and fridge. Substantial purity h2o for microproduction, semiconductor and oscillight. Water for pc built-in circuit boards etc. H2o for photo voltaic battery and dry battery. 2. Chemical business water Water system of chemical cooling reaction, and h2o method in the manufacturing procedure of chemical medicine and fertilizer, good chemical engineering, and beauty. Primary purposes: H2o for textile printing and dyeing, and paper making. Pure h2o for chemical reagent production, skin treatment production, shampoo production, tint production. H2o for the labs of chemistry, physics, and biology. 3. Industrial goods coating water Water method of automobiles, domestic appliances, building materials products’ coating and washing. H2o system of coated glasses and storage battery. Primary purposes: Substantial purity h2o for electroplating and glass coating. 4. Beverage industry Drinking purified h2o, natural water, refreshment, reduced wine blending h2o, and drought beer filtering water. Primary purposes: Production of purified water and mineral h2o, affin water for food and beverage’s production, h2o for resorts together with residence estates. 5. Medical and pharmaceutical industry of automatic self cleaning filter Medical infusion, injection agent, medicament, biochemical h2o, medical sterile h2o, and h2o of artificial renal chromatography and hemodialysis. Main purposes: H2o for pharmacy and injection, etc. Manufacturing of health care goods and oral liquid, raw materials and intermediate goods, biological agent, enzyme extraction, and protein isolation. 6. Public h2o treatment system Desalting method of seawater and brackish water, and network method of good quality h2o supply for schools, .munities, hotels, and housing estate property. Main functions: Project of daily existence h2o disposal and pool filtering and sterilizing, h2o for breeding pet fish, water-saving irrigation, desalting system of seawater and dessert’s brackish water, Electroplating wastewater treatment and metal recycling, daily existence wastewater disposal and recycling, wash product h2o recycling, and industrial wastewater disposal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: