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Shun Oguri on the show about parenting experience: Diaper Shun Oguri data figure Sina entertainment news according to Japanese media reports Modelpress to help her daughter, popular actor Shun Oguri in November 6th as a guest of the Japanese television program "on", the program he mentioned his wife Yuu Yamada in October 2014 gave birth to her daughter, talked about the change of mind and parenting stories. In the program, Shun Oguri’s actor friends through the VCR broke the news of his Su Yan, Yoshida Kotaro said: Recently, more and more steady, grew up to be a good father of Shun Oguri." Shun Oguri also recorded the scene talking about her daughter, praised her daughter particularly cute. It is reported that Yuu Yamada is currently with two treasure, for the eldest daughter Shun Oguri said: "in fact, the eldest daughter was born when there is no special feeling, but now two years old, more and more lovely." When the host asked: "do you always want to go home as soon as possible?" Shun Oguri said: "there is such an idea." For the mood of Shun Oguri, the family has two sons, the host of the Jin Jin is also deeply felt, he said: I was the eldest son of the father to have a real sense of the past third years." In addition, Shun Oguri said he would help his wife at home to take care of children, such as changing diapers, he said: these things should be done." And he goes on a trip to Hawaii with his family once a year, taking his daughter to the pool or the sea. (Brit) (commissioning editor: maiko) statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: