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Sina think-tank tourist town report – Travel Channel original title: Sina think-tank tourist town report in August 22nd, Sina released the latest research think-tank exclusive research think tank — "China tourist town development model". At present, the construction of tourist town developments around like a raging fire, the results released can fill the gaps in the field to a certain extent, to provide a reference for the tourism development and construction of small towns. The study by the Chinese Institute of tourism industry and scholars such as Dr. Dongmei Co authored. In our country, the "small town" has long been, and in recent years the formation of a "small town," the proper term. Eighteen of the party clearly put forward the concept of new urbanization. 2014, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council officially issued the national new urbanization plan (2014-2020), put forward to adhere to the "ecological civilization" and "cultural heritage" as an important principle of the new urbanization. The national "13th Five-Year" plan clearly, to local conditions the development of distinctive features, production integration of the city, charming small town". In January 2016, the general office of the State Council issued the "guidance" on promoting the integration of the development of the rural 123 industry puts forward clearly, to the construction of a number of historical, geographical and ethnic characteristics of the tourism towns and rural tourism demonstration village". In April 2016, the NDRC said, with the implementation of the national "13th Five-Year" plan, this year will be at the national level, in conjunction with the relevant departments in planning, promotion and other aspects of policy support and guidance and support 1000 small towns development characteristic town. The introduction of a series of policies for the development of tourism has a great potential to provide new opportunities for development. For the first time, the eighteen party put forward the idea of "building a beautiful China". Efforts to build a beautiful China, means that people’s lives to be beautiful, the environment to be beautiful. Tourism is the best combination of ecological civilization and economic development, the construction of tourism town will be a new path to achieve the construction of green ecological city. At the same time, the construction of tourism town, but also the main driving force of urbanization construction, you can optimize the regional tourism product supply structure, heritage of local cultural characteristics, and promote the coordinated development of urban and rural social and economic. It can be predicted that the development and construction of tourism town, will be the focus of construction in the next few years. As a typical tourist town charm of the town, the construction will promote the feature of the town in the country come in handy. In view of this, Sina think tank released the "China tourism town development model special study" report. The report is divided into three parts, the first part is an overview of tourism town, introduces the concept, classification, town connotation, characteristics, development and significance of the motivation, the second part is the development of small town tourism; the research model and the case at home and abroad, mainly introduces the two main development modes: resource oriented development mode, leisure agglomeration development mode. The third part is the development of tourism town points and mode innovation, the direction of the development of tourism town. At present, the development and construction of small town tourism towns are gradually rising strategy for Tourism)相关的主题文章: