Spiritual Expansion – How To Protecting Yourself During Stressful Situations-xpphone

Self-Improvement Love is the most powerful of all emotions. White Light is more powerful than shadow and darkness. Even when it appears that someone’s energy is extremely dark and negative, the Spark of Divinity resides within regardless of how dim it may be. In my experiences, even during the most stressful of situations, if you are willing to see beyond current circumstances, seeing beyond the bravado before you, seeing the Spark of Divinity within yourself and others, you will experience relief from negative thoughts and emotions. This is not about you accepting mistreatment; it is about offering non-resistance to what is occurring allowing as much negative energy to flow around and away from you as possible. Yes, there are situations where you may not be able to simply get up and walk away. As soon as you are able, remember to breathe deeply, releasing as much negativity as possible. *Pull your energy in close to your physical body by gently curling fingers into your palms when your hands are in your lap or in your pockets, as if you were making a fist, so as long you are NOT visibly creating negative body language *cross your ankles or your legs *surround yourself in white light *surround yourself in rose light *place clear quartz on your desk, on the night table beside your bed or under your pillow, *drink crystal energy charged water, shifting your own vibrational energy frequency from the inside out *ask Archangel Michael to cut all negative etheric cords and clear all negative energy (home, office, school, etc.) *imagine everyone concerned in rose light, Love is very powerful There may be instances where some or all of these techniques appear not to be working, not protecting you from negative thoughts or emotions of others. If you are willing, try a simple experiment; stop practicing all you are learning. Be truthful about what you are experiencing as a result of not protecting yourself. If you find there is no difference whether you practice the techniques or not, then ask thee Angels for their guidance in protecting your from negative energy. It may not be possible to .pletely deflect all negativity from you. It is possible for you to be.e stronger and more self-empowered the more you are willing to practice these techniques allowing more and more negativity to be deflected away from you, dissolving before it can cause additional stress and dis-harmony. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: