State Grid sun electricity to change the results 7 months to build a unified national market in the

China Network sun power to change the score: 7 months, 21 billion 600 million of the national unified market – country financial Sohu net controversial first sun power to change the score: 7 months, 21 billion 600 million of the national market provoked controversy after each intern reporter He Hongyuan of the new electricity reform to promote the country like a raging fire, Power Grid Corp (hereinafter referred to as China) in August 24th for the first time, drying out the new electricity reform report, and proposed the construction of a unified national electricity market, but there are a lot of controversy in the industry. In August 24th, China announced the official website of the new general manager, deputy party secretary Kou Wei attended the China Power Market Trading Forum News, China network announced, 1~7 months of this year, China Trading Center at all levels reached 551 billion 300 million kwh electricity trading, through market transactions, reduce electricity costs 21 billion 600 million yuan. It is worth mentioning that this month’s new national network for the first time Kou Wei has the power to change the second public voice, put forward " market reform work of the company is facing a very complex situation and environment, " " take the initiative to adapt to the market demand, security trading institutions should play a role. " but industry experts believe that, in the network statement or some one concept, reduce electricity generation enterprise more profits, net wheeling cost has not decreased, create a condition is the most. " unified national electricity market " the statement also caused controversy in the industry, electricity reform experts show dawn on the "daily economic news" reporter said, this goal is facing how to coexist with the South China power grid, how to coordinate the relationship between the trading center at the provincial level, a series of problems, how to coordinate the Beijing two Guangzhou electric power trading center. The new electricity reform programmatic document does not appear to build a unified national electricity market description. The reporter contacted the Department Network outreach country, but did not get a response before the deadline. State network to seek a new breakthrough in trading institutions, according to the official website of the state network announced the news, the country has been basically completed the formation of the trading mechanism, the role of the trading platform initially appeared, and achieved important results. 1~7 months of this year, the State Grid System at all levels of the trading center through the trading platform to organize the market transactions, trading volume reached 551 billion 300 million kwh. Through market transactions, reducing the purchase price of 4.93 kwh of electricity users, reducing electricity expenditure of $21 billion 600 million. From the network data show that as of the end of July, the new registered power trading institutions of 2286 users, more than the number of registered last year. Special mention of the national network, the regional clean energy transmission between the provinces reached 199 billion 800 million kwh. On the one hand is a good eye results, the other end is the industry’s questions. Industry experts believe that although the Chinese users of electricity network to reduce the expenditure of 21 billion 600 million yuan, but did not touch its own interests, more power companies to reduce the price of large customers, and in the interests of their own network rarely damaged, power transmission and distribution costs did not take the initiative to reduce. " the more accurate argument is that the power generation companies in the country with the network to reduce the burden of customer electricity. " the same concern, is the establishment of the power trading center. According to the daily economic news reported earlier in the mountains.相关的主题文章: