Still thinking, what can VR do The PLA began training parachuting with VR glasses-running man 20130908

Still thinking, what can VR do? People’s Liberation Army began to use VR glasses training parachuting, many people called the year 2016 VR, but the civil field, VR how to combine with the industry, many people are still exploring. But in the military field, VR is not a new concept, military training, combat simulation and so on, there are many applications. Oculus was so hot that the army didn’t pull it down. CCTV Military Channel "military report" recently reported, now even the PLA paratroopers parachuting training has been used with VR glasses of a full set of virtual reality glasses. It is reported that a virtual reality training system which can simulate the vision, hearing and touch in parachuting is introduced. Recruits wear special simulation glasses, wear computer control strap system, combined with software simulation, not only can synchronously see the real scene in the air, but also with the manipulation of the changes in the attitude of the air. The virtual reality VR glasses show the first angle of the parachute, and the pilot can monitor the situation of the paratroopers in the air from the third angle, and judge whether the disposal is correct or wrong, which is easy for the guide to deal with in time. "Military reports" reported that as of now, 6 sessions of the troops have already completed real jump jump, recruits excellent rate of 75%, the air danger incidence of nearly 10 percentage points lower than in the past, effectively improve the efficiency of airborne training.

还在想VR能干啥?解放军开始用VR眼镜训练跳伞   很多人把2016年叫做VR元年,然而民用领域,VR如何与行业结合很多人还在探索。但是在军事领域,VR本就不是一个新的概念,军事训练、作战仿真等都有不少应用。Oculus这么热,军方显然也没拉下。央视军事频道《军事报道》近日报道,现在连解放军空降兵跳伞训练已经用上了带VR眼镜的全套虚拟现实眼镜。   据报道,空降兵某部引进了能够对跳伞中的视觉、听觉、触觉等进行真实模拟的虚拟现实训练系统。新兵们戴上特制的仿真眼镜,穿上电脑控制的背带系统,配合软件模拟,不仅可以同步看到在空中的真实场景,还能随着操纵感受空中姿态的改变。   虚拟现实VR眼镜中显示的是跳伞员的第一视角,导调员则可以从第三视角监控跳伞员在空中处置情况,判断其处置正确或者错误,便于导调员及时处置。   《军事报道》报道,截至目前,该部队已完成的6个场次跳伞,新兵实跳优秀率达75%,空中特情发生率较以往降低了近10个百分点,有效提升了空降训练效率。相关的主题文章: