Su Dongpo’s wife is a cook This is her specialty! – Sohu to eat and drink w-inds.

Su Dongpo’s wife is a cook? This is her specialty! Sohu and Dongpo Pig Knuckle is not Su Dongpo’s work, but his wife Wang Fu Miao " Dongpo Pig Knuckle " dubbed the name of Su Dongpo, spread pig elbow fat soft taste, flavor, aroma of fat but not greasy, soft taste delicious, eat essential video? Preparation and 2 pork pig 2000ml hot water 100ml 80ml 100ml 2-3 cooking wine soy sauce soy sauce cinnamon 3 octagonal 10 80g 3 80g garlic clove ginger sugar a little coriander wash pork 1 steps, take pot, open fire, add water, boil. 2 add soy sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine. 3 add cinnamon, anise, cloves, ginger, garlic and sugar. 4 into the pig elbow, if the water is enough to cover the pork, add some more water. 5 cover and simmer, simmer for 3 hours. 6 tray, sprinkle with coriander, finished. Pick up a piece of meat wrapped in lettuce to eat, the taste of bang bang da! There is a small tip, the south, the north is generally called hoof? Both elbows, is the same as the same oh. The workshop, theMEATMENchannel video delicacy.相关的主题文章: