Such as 6 new screenshots and game released details of idle away in seeking pleasure enjoyment of li

"Such as" 6 new screenshots and game released details of the enjoyment of life such as the 6 area idle away in seeking pleasure "dragon 6: life poem" will be landing in Japan PS4 platform in December 8th. Sega today brings new information and screenshots for the US, introduced a variety of mini games details. The first is fishing. Become friends with a horse kiriu Onomichi local fishermen, unfortunately the friend because of injuries to go out fishing, so for him to go kiryu. You can go fishing with a fishing boat and fish with a spear. At the beginning you can only catch a fish, with your clearance, you will get different fishing gear and fish. Some may be found in unexpected places. Sometimes you get attacked by dangerous fish like sharks. When you are attacked, you will lose the air and have to return to the surface. By fishing, fish is not only more and more high, kiriu horse will grow, dive into the longer, more attack. "Such as" 6 new screenshots and game details released kiriu horse can be like a typical Japanese uncle like to go to the bar with local customers with the guests to drink, idle away in seeking pleasure, collect the latest gossip, and increased and their relationship. Listen and may even help them solve their problems. In addition to drink and chat, and other customers can also sing with Cara OK, a game of darts. "Such as" 6 new screenshots and game details released a horse or a kiriu cat, a cat cafe in financial trouble, many cat missing, kiriu horse looking for stray cats in two towns, hiding in the unique position of the wildcats. By giving them food to make them love kiriu on a horse, when the favorability of the full grid, the cats will follow him. Of course, each cat has a different taste, and the ultimate goal is to make the cafe into a cat’s paradise. "Such as" 6 new screenshots and game released details of the city of Onomichi has two temples, which honors 5 children patron gods for kiriu visit, they can provide a different effect, which can improve the properties of Kiryu, and increase the numerical value of dedicated Tong students about. In prayer before the gold into the tribute, the emergence of a "Buddhist tiger machine", according to the results BUFF. "Such as" 6 new screenshots and game released details of course loved Hongxiaohai elements. When bear children cry, you need to use the various functions of the handle to appease the baby down, but if the wrong action will get the opposite effect. This game is the best reward is to see the baby’s smile, really is the heart of the integration of uncle. "Such as" 6 new screenshots and game details released last Gang create function. Kiriu go to create your own gang through the recruitment of different abilities can be recruited to bully, even a lot of BOSS, although the cost is big, but they have very strong skills and attributes. Win battles, clear the quests and improve relationships with those BOSS, you can recruit them, you can even recruit Mashima Goro. With the increasing of gang members, Paibingbuzhen is very important, each battle can only choose 6 BOSS, you also need to follow their subordinates what. Effective allocation of the team, to reduce costs to hear相关的主题文章: