Tang Wei gave birth to a baby! Tauntauns modeling is a workaholic pregnant women dress textbook (vid visualboyadvance

Tang Wei gave birth to a baby! Tauntauns modeling is a "workaholic" pregnant women dress textbooks on weekends, some good news to entertainment, Wuli Tang Wei living goddess temperament! The first baby soup is "health small princess crying loud and clear", gold gold too low-key sweet happy family added a new member, blessing! Congratulations Tang Wei gave birth to daughter, Pa Pa Star home mixed those adorable baby! According to Tang Wei’s own micro-blog broke the news: she yesterday in Hongkong Shun gave birth to a girl weighing 3.41 kilograms, is very healthy, because the baby crying is the first loud! Congratulations to the goddess soup! We all know that this is the first child of Tang Wei, but she had decided to baby is actually to rest, tonging said busy ten years to vacation, but each time they plan to rest, but Hugh ten days will start to do, so she told Mr., felt that a child may be a can let me stop down method! However, this approach does not seem very useful, because during pregnancy, Tang Wei is not completely idle! Just announced soon after conception, Tang Wei ran to shoot the thirty-fifth Hongkong Film Awards Nominee posters were in Gucci (Gucci) 2016 spring and summer series of colorful color hook flower skirt collocation, towering hair, retro style a bit older but very amorous feelings! Subsequently, Tang Wei began during the three months of the movie "Beijing in Seattle first letter" intermittent promotional tour! Tang Beijing during the conference, Tang Wei appeared in the movie "Beijing Seattle best love letter" to stand big belly in various public occasions and pat Wu Xiubo and dog food, to provide unlimited fantasy CP powder material! The magic is that every appearance temperament soup besides growing belly, face almost no fat, from beginning to end is in high spirit literary goddess!! Tang Wei appeared in the "Beijing Seattle best love" Shanghai Premiere of Tang Wei appeared in the sixth Beijing International Film Festival in Beijing "Seattle Fuji love" Tsinghua University Premiere of Tang Wei was pregnant gave reality show in her simple "maternity" with Li Yong to the market to buy food price have no sense of violation. Kind of like old sister next door just to drop what cooking show, she also returned to his alma mater "miss old times" Tang Wei’s big belly back to see the teacher Tang Wei this dense pregnancy stroke, in fact I have no need for her to feel hard, others say it adds: "I ran very happy now. Every day I bounced around like a bird, too easy". But the poster weave reckoned, Tang Wei bulging belly around also feel relaxed, is it not because of which are Kim’s husband? In fact, Tang Wei and South Korean director Jin Taiyong married, has opened a "Siamese" mode! Tang Wei and Jin Taiyong passers-by were photographed hand out of the street that is rushing to Taiwan homely food propaganda film, gold to go along with the "fast action stars" charity charitable activities to couple the Tang Wei movie "Beijing counterparts are indispensable in Seattle only love" a theme song, Mr. Jin Taiyong is directed to run MV Tang Wei Jin Taiyong after pregnancy, as in the past is always around, they will be wearing "black" sumianchaotian to see Rene Liu’s concert after the concert!相关的主题文章: