The baby into the basin is about to have a baby In the three signal – see mother

The baby into the basin is about to have a baby? In this three signal – Sohu maternal baby in the end what time to come out to see us? Closer to the expected date of childbirth, mothers are beginning to be nervous, I do not know what time the baby will pick up! Is at ease to be produced at home, or go to the hospital for fixed beds, waiting for the baby to signal security? But you can be sure that the baby is a prerequisite for childbirth! In order to make labor more smoothly, labor before the birth of the baby head into the pelvic cavity through the maternal pelvic entrance, this is called into the basin. In general, the birth of the baby in the bowl time before 36 weeks of pregnancy to childbirth, but in the process of basin is the time in some It differs from man to man. pregnant mother, two weeks before the expected date of the basin, and some pregnant mother two days into the basin was born, and has been in the bowl, over due date has been launched… Waiting for the baby born days are always excited and anxious, and a little bit afraid, worried about the baby suddenly launched the family, then you have to be taken by surprise, know that the three signal of labor! The red. When the baby’s head began to fall into the basin, the expansion of the lower uterine segment, make uterine wall near the membranes and separation occurs, resulting in capillary rupture, and cervical mucus in the formation of a mixture of blood and mucus secretions. This is red, red is the delivery of precursor, consider this combination of It differs from man to man. contractions with determination. The regular labor pains. When to give birth, the body will appear regular contractions, the beginning is half an hour may be a pain, the time interval is shorter, the pain is more intense. Such as 20 minutes pain, a pain of 10 minutes, a pain in the first 5 minutes, a pain of 3 minutes. Not because you massage or walk around, stay in bed and ease the pain. Generally start at 10 in the evening to the morning between 6 points, do not rule out other time periods. This is the most powerful evidence of labor. The symptoms should contact the hospital beds, any expectant oh. The broken water. This happened in a few hours before delivery or near birth, so-called because of the broken water wrapped in fetal membranes ruptured, means that the mother is going to labor, can be said to 100% sure, without considering the other, immediately sent to hospital is the most correct choice. And keep the supine posture, can not stand or sit on, so as to avoid serious consequences. But do not be too nervous, there is still a period of time from the buffer of childbirth, expectant mother just lying, what arrangements for the family to do. Reminder: pregnancy during pregnancy to high quality protein preferred food sources, such as deep-sea fish, shrimp, lean beef, lean mutton, chicken, duck, peeled peeled bean products. Similarly, the intake of milk and dairy products for pregnant mother is also very good, they can provide sufficient calcium and zinc, high quality, strong bones, for the birth of power, but also to avoid the fetal baby calcium zinc deficiency, also can eat high Jetion tablets, ferrous fumarate and vitamin C tablets, Keiper calcium zinc and vitamin C chewable tablets. Calcium zinc, not only can improve the immunity during pregnancy, there is also a great help for improving children’s immunity. Expectant fathers were also pregnant.相关的主题文章: