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The bank association "report": the capital of light into the main direction of transformation of city commercial banks in 2016 – Beijing Beijing in September 23 Nanchang Xinhua (reporter Chen Kangliang) 23 days, Chinese Banking Association issued a "city commercial bank development report in 2016, the city firm annual meeting (2016) (hereinafter referred to as" the report said, 2016) in the external development environment, constantly changing, the city firm business development will be adjusted, the city firm will continue the restructuring and development, and capital has become the main direction of light. The report pointed out that in recent years, city commercial banks have to promote the transformation of development mode, from extensive development to the fine, homogeneous and differentiated development, steering efficiency driven from the scale driven from holding assets to both assets held, trading and management goal is to take a unique, high efficiency, light capital development road. According to incomplete statistics report, 2015, a considerable number of city firms or through private placement, or the issuance of preferred shares, or two capital bond issue of supplementary capital, the total amount of nearly 300 billion yuan (RMB, same below), a city firm capital supplement peak year. The report believes that in 2016 the city’s business model transformation pressure still exists. Need to further focus on strategic positioning, market segment customer base, accelerate the development of business characteristics, especially the promotion of small and medium enterprises and retail business accounting, in improving revenue while reducing capital consumption, capital saving development. Overall, the past year, in the economic downturn, financial disintermediation and other circumstances, the city firm achieved steady development, total assets to maintain rapid growth. According to official data, according to the territory of caliber, 2015 the total assets of the country’s 133 city commercial banks showed increasing trend from month to month, the total assets amounted to 22 trillion and 680 billion yuan, the monthly growth rate, significantly higher than the national average level of the banking industry. However, the report believes that this year the city’s asset growth will decline. By 2016, the continued economic slowdown, combined effects of industrial structure adjustment and continuous exposure risk factors, "asset shortage" phenomenon will be more obvious, especially the high-quality assets of the scarcity of resources, city business will generally face capital allocation problem. At the same time, interbank asset growth will be increasingly subject to increasingly stringent regulatory policy restrictions. The report pointed out that, especially at the end of 2015 the people’s Bank of China launched macro Prudential assessment system (MPA), requiring commercial banks to the broad credit control, past by doing business in Datong industry the rapid expansion of the scale of assets will be difficult to continue, return to the traditional credit business will become a major choice of city commercial banks business development, construction, meet the local government infrastructure areas of small and medium-sized enterprises, consumer demand for funds will become the focus of City Commercial Bank credit. (end)相关的主题文章: