The boy was awarded a charity for 6 years to go to college for a good

A boy who love fund 6 years admitted to the university to find good people who love Sun Hanliang and grandpa to thank – reporter Ma Xinfeng reflect hotline Nanzhao deep in the mountains of a poor students recently through the Chinese website a caring person love flying to the newspaper hotline reflect, 6 years ago, a man named Sun Zhongyue who love the news of him poor families, each month from the bank and send him tuition, never stopped, and now he was admitted to the University, looking for the 6 years of uninterrupted funding but he never met good people by evening, thanked him. Reporters attack 6 years ago the family misfortune caring people uninterrupted funding for poor students that poor students told reporters that he called Sun Hanliang, who lives in Nanzhao County in Shan Ping Zhen Wa Fang Cun Chuan Xin Nian group, this year has just been admitted to Henan Normal University. 6 years ago, when he was in junior high school, his father died of illness, and grandpa lost his ability to work because of the disease of the femoral head. A mother has to take care of his grandfather and work in the field. Seeing mother so hard, young Sun Hanliang wants to drop out of school and work. At this time, the town Party committee and government and the local women’s Federation was informed of the Sun Hanliang home, and they will report to the superior family, women’s Federation soon, Sun Hanliang’s situation caused by the Nanyang city a concern of love, caring people by the women’s Federation will be a book to Sun Hanliang. The book is in the rural credit cooperatives in Wolong District of the open door, we also know that people love through the name of Sun Zhongyue, since then, this love people every month to the passbook remitted 50 yuan of money, for me to go to school, so far has never stopped." Sun Hanliang said thankfully that they knew through the women’s Federation that the loving person was working as a doorman, but they didn’t find it when they were looking for it. "I went to college and wanted to express my thanks to this kind man." Sun Hanliang worked hard and was admitted to Henan Normal University this year. "Tu when Yongquan, I want to find the love of people, thanks to him, after the University, I have Study hard work, active, and the best of their ability to help others." Subsequently, the reporter went to the Sun Hanliang’s telephone, Ms. Zhang Zhaoling contacted the Nanzhao banshanping town government in the coordination of funding sun Zhang Zhaoling said that when the Han Liang, sun’s situation, the town to reflect the situation of Nanzhao County women’s Federation, then turned to the superior people love Sun Hanliang book, this specific people love the town was not too clear. The city women’s Federation had learned that Sun Hanliang was looking for the love person and looked up quickly, but there was no result yet. They will continue to look up the love person. "Good, thank you for so many years has helped me this poor grandson, children admitted to the University, want to report to you on your growth, but do not know where you are!" Sun Hanliang’s grandfather also wants to express thanks to Sun Zhongyue through a reporter. Readers, if you know Sun Zhongyue’s information, please contact our correspondent and contact the phone: 632966661383898833. The 3 (Nanyang Evening News)

男孩获爱心人士资助6年 考上大学欲寻好心人  孙汉良和爷爷向爱心人士表示感谢  □本报记者 马新峰  热线反映  南召大山深处一名贫困学子近日通过华夏爱心飞扬网站一名爱心人士向本报热线反映,6年前,一名叫孙中跃的爱心人士得知他家庭贫困的消息后,每个月从银行给他汇学费,从未间断,现在他考上大学了,想通过晚报寻找这位6年不间断资助他却从未谋面的好心人,向他表示感谢。  记者出击  6年前家庭遭不幸 爱心人士不间断资助贫困学子  这名贫困学子告诉记者,他叫孙汉良,家住南召县板山坪镇瓦房村串心碾组,今年刚刚考上河南师范大学。6年前,他上初中时父亲因病去世,爷爷因股骨头疾病丧失劳动能力。母亲一个人既要照顾爷爷,还要到田里干农活。看到妈妈如此辛苦,年幼的孙汉良欲辍学打工。就在这时,当地镇党委、政府和妇联获悉了孙汉良家的情况,并将他们家的情况向上级妇联上报,很快,孙汉良家的情况引起了南阳城区一名爱心人士的关注,这名爱心人士通过妇联将一个存折转给了孙汉良家。  “存折是在卧龙区农村信用联社开的户,我们也是通过户名才知道爱心人士叫孙中跃,从此,这名爱心人士每月都往存折上汇过来50元钱,供我上学,到现在为止从未间断。”孙汉良感激地说,他们通过妇联了解到这名爱心人士当年是做门卫工作的,可是当他们去寻找时却没找到。  “我考上大学了 想向这位好心人表示感谢”  在这位爱心人士的资助和鼓励下,孙汉良努力学习,并于今年顺利考上了河南师范大学。  “滴水之恩当涌泉相报,我想找到这位爱心人士,向他表示感谢,上大学后,我一定好好学习,积极勤工俭学,并尽自己的能力帮助他人。”随后,记者又根据孙汉良提供的电话,联系上了南召板山坪镇政府当年协调资助孙汉良的张召玲女士,张召玲说,当年获悉孙家的情况后,镇里向南召县妇联反映了情况,随后上级就转来了这位爱心人士资助孙汉良的存折,具体这名爱心人士的情况镇里边也不太清楚。  市妇联获悉孙汉良正在寻找这位爱心人士的情况后也迅速查找,但目前尚未有结果。他们将继续查找这名爱心人士。  “好心人,感谢你这么多年一直帮助我这苦命的孙子,孩子考上大学了,想向你汇报自己的成长,却不知道你在哪里!”孙汉良的爷爷也想通过记者向孙中跃表示感谢。读者朋友,你若知道孙中跃的信息,请与本报记者联系,联系电话:63296666 13838988339。⑧3(南阳晚报)相关的主题文章: