The difference between dady and Dad, 90% of Chinese father read the silence! Sohu –

The difference between Dady and Dad, 90% of Chinese father read the silence! – [picture] maternal attention selection of Sohu, to obtain the wisdom of parenting! Method: open WeChat to add friends to search number jxhuiben! (a) Chinese daddy used to say: go Get out of my way., give me a break! The Dady used to say: come, what baby playing? Dad play with you ok? (two) China daddy Entertainment: a frat party, playing games, singing, drinking wine, not take the children to. The United States Dady weekend leisure: family gatherings, pro party, BBQ, watching the game, do what you want to take into account the children can not go, otherwise it is likely not to participate in the game, but also to bring the children together. (three) Chinese dad to work overtime and overtime, weekends than heard: can not sleep, alas, I have heard that the United States Dady overtime! To work overtime: I look at the work plan, there is no need to work overtime tomorrow, also want to accompany the children to the zoo! (four) China’s dad, the child fell bad or ill will say: you this when mom! The United States Dady, the child broke or ill will comfort his wife: everything will be fine, my dear, don’t worry. (five) Chinese daddy, what time for children to drink milk, how much water a few tablespoons of milk, no idea what time to go to bed. The United States Dady, is often the first to wake up at night crying, they call this intuition is called "the mother". (six) China daddy will be a job to migrate, separated, or simply the couple working outside, the children to grandparents raising. The United States once Dady home will try not to go home, too, will try to go family. (seven) Chinese when daddy daddy to shame. The United States Dady when daddy proud. (eight) Chinese father often go out to socialize, you have to go, you can go can not go. After the United States Dady rarely socialize after work, in the United States, if the other side has a child, but you take up his off time, just to eat a meal, is not a very considerate thing. Children love reading, education is half the success! Today Xiaobian to recommend a WeChat public platform to help children love reading books: the selection of micro signal is jxhuiben (long on copy) promotion of fun dad will give you guidance to solve the problems in reading famous parent-child parent-child reading.相关的主题文章: