The Energy Bureau stopped 55 billion coal power project capacity to big pressure on the young

The Energy Bureau stopped 55 billion coal power project   capacity to big pressure on the young to normal — energy — "national project can only be halted, suspended!" Jin power group, a power project, told the China business reporter, the company has been aware of the two coal power project was canceled, and then will adjust the relevant work. In September 23rd, the National Energy Board issued a notice, Jilin, Shanxi, Shandong, off Shaanxi, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, a total of 15, the installed capacity of 12 million 400 thousand kilowatts does not have approved the construction conditions of coal power project. According to reporter statistics, these 15 projects total investment of about 55 billion yuan. Among them, part of the project is still the focus of local government projects, some have also been carried out preparatory work. In accordance with the requirements of these projects immediately stop the construction of the national energy board and the local development and Reform Commission will conduct supervision and inspection. Overcapacity in the coal industry has become a consensus." Hu Zhaoguang, vice president of State Grid Energy Research Institute said that in the case of excess stock of coal has been in 2016, built and to be built is still as high as 200 million kilowatts of coal. In addition, with China’s accession to the G20 summit of the Paris agreement, China’s carbon emission reduction task is arduous, and coal as carbon emissions, must be controlled. Energy board also proposed that the provinces and cities to further cancel the other areas do not have approved (construction) conditions of coal projects, timely reporting of the national energy board and to the public. This means that the 15 canceled project is just the beginning of coal brake. 15 projects in 10 of the "big pressure on the small" reporter statistics found that 15 projects located in 9 provinces, involving Guodian, Huadian, Datang, Huarun, China Guangdong nuclear power and other 8 enterprises, the overall static investment of more than 55 billion yuan. Total installed capacity of 12 million 400 thousand kilowatts, equivalent to the size of the three gorges". In the cancellation of the project, one is located in Shaanxi, Baoji thermoelectric big pressure on the small expansion project. According to information released by the national energy board, the project is invested by Hongkong power company, loading mechanism into 2× 200MW (MW), into the power planning time for October 2009. But the concern is that due to the 2010 completion of the Hongkong China Guangdong nuclear power acquisition, and renamed the Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Co. Ltd. Chinese. The project is also in accordance with the relevant planning of Baoji City, to promote emission reduction and environmental protection standards have been carried out in different places and location prior to 2× 200MW to 2× coal-fired cogeneration cogeneration units; 350 critical. In June 2015, the Baoji municipal government officials to discuss Xie Wenyan and Guangdong Nuclear Power in Chinese senior vice president, said it would actively promote the construction of the project. Therefore, the national energy board announced the Baoji thermoelectric big pressure on the small expansion project investment and construction projects have been changed. In the cancellation of the original project at the same time, whether the location of the project will have an impact? In this regard, the Baoji Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the relevant staff said the matter is unknown, then will be carried out相关的主题文章: